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Making a Mark with MARKERAD

Off-white founder and famed designer Virgil Abloh and furniture giant IKEA have recently dropped their collaborat­ive collection “MARKERAD”, designed for the fashion-forward minimalist millennial­s.


Off-white founder and famed designer Virgil Abloh and furniture giant IKEA have recently dropped a collaborat­ive collection.

Virgil Abloh, now Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director, has been making waves in the fashion scene starting with his luxury streetwear label Off-white. Those familiar with the brand can identify the emblematic quotation marks and labels from a mile away. Labels are as literal as stitching the word “SCARF” onto scarves, and as ironic as slapping “FOR WALKING” onto thousand-dollar boots. Staying true to his signature, the American designer used the same tongue-in-cheek typography style for his collab with IKEA. Named “MARKERAD”, the limited edition collection sees 15 contempora­ry pieces for the modern home with items bearing Virgil’s labels in quotes, like the “WET-GRASS” green rug and the minimalist “TEMPORARY” wall clock. ‘ Markerad’ is a Swedish word that means “clearcut,” “crisp,” or “pronounced”, which is synonymous with Virgil’s design approach. “In the same way you might hang a piece of artwork on your wall, art can bleed into objects like a chair, table or rug. That was my initial problem to solve when creating this collection together with IKEA,” says Virgil. Other items in the collection include basic items a homeowner would seek for their new home — a chair, a table and a daybed. There are items like a toolbox, textile, art piece, cushion and a carry-all bag, small in size but capable of making a statement. While the collection is budget-friendly, the resell price is what’s expected of items by Virgil Abloh. Also expected were the long lineups outside IKEA stores when the collection dropped this past October.

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03 03 Made to make a statement
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