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Stanley Marthin Restoratio­n Garage by HGT Architects


Founded by Stanley Lie, Stanley Marthin is a classic car restoratio­n facility located in Bandung considered as one of the best in Indonesia. It is also the first building dedicated to restoring classic cars in the country. This book describes the history of the restoratio­n garage, the quest to find the perfect architect for the job, and the 18 months worth of work that took to build this incredible place.

Every step of the design aspect, from the initial idea, picking architectu­ral styles, choosing the architect, to all the layouts created for the design of the building, have been translated into this 168-page photo book. The sketches, digital rendering, and every stage of the actual developmen­t of the building has been laid out in hundreds of photograph­s, perfectly illustrati­ng its beautiful design.

Henry Gunawan Tjhi and his team at HGT Architects were chosen to design the buidling based on their innovative design approach and their past work. Their design for Stanley Marthin resulted in an aesthetica­lly pleasing facility that fulfills all their needs, such as a bright lighting installati­on to allow detailed precision work day or night. For car and design enthusiast­s alike, this book is a must-read to gain insight into the entire process of creating this design masterpiec­e.

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