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- ST ORY BY Mikee Sadler P HOT OS BY Saniharto & Bagus Tri Laksono

Saniharto is one of the world’s leading luxury furniture manufactur­ers, providing high-quality products to clients all around the globe. In order to freshen up their portfolio and appeal to different design styles, the brand often collaborat­es with designers, the latest ones being with Francine Denise and Raul Renanda, who are both featured in this edition. We asked Merysia Enggalhard­jo, director of marketing and sales of Saniharto, about the brand’s decision to collaborat­e with these designers and the process behind it.

Why do you decide to collaborat­e with designers for collection­s?

Saniharto’s main focus is on manufactur­ing, not designing. Therefore we need to collaborat­e with designers whose style and vision is in line with Saniharto to create furniture.

Why did you choose Francine Denise and Raul Renanda to collaborat­e with?

When we were about to do HD Expo 2014 in Las Vegas, we wanted to collaborat­e with a designer and were introduced to Francine Denise who at the time was part of a duo, Francine Lestari. The collaborat­ion was successful so we followed it up with creating the Tresna Collection together which we launched in 2015. Raul Renanda approached us with his idea of creating a top of the line piano which is something totally new to us and has never been a part of our product line. With Saniharto’s spirit of always evolving and challengin­g ourselves, we took

on the challenge and showed our unparallel­ed craftsmans­hip in turning this piano concept into a reality.

When you do a collaborat­ion, what is the process and how long does it take from the beginning stage to the final product?

It varies because it depends on a lot of factors like the number of items, the complexity of the items, the number of times trials need to be done, etc. We do set certain target dates but most of the time we usually let the process flow naturally for the best result.

Do you give a certain brief to the designer or do you give them freedom to create whatever they want?

We try to give freedom to designers as much as we can. Our input is mostly on constructi­on, function and feasibilit­y. This way we can produce items that are varied in look and style but still breathe in the same high- end quality in finishing and constructi­on that Saniharto is known for.

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