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Naz Juman, the CEO of Schinder Business Center, gives us an insight into the success behind establishi­ng a law firm, as well as multiple working spaces which cater to client needs for an ideal working environmen­t.


Schinder Business Center: From Law Firm to Working Space

How did you end up becoming the CEO of Schinder Business Center? I founded my law firm, Schinder Law Firm, a decade ago. My law career all began when I single-handedly brought Chinese performanc­e art to Indonesia as an

Uyghur Dance teacher.

About a decade ago, I brought an array of performing arts such as theatrical

Kung Fu and acrobatics to Indonesia.

With no fear of navigating through a new culture, I began to integrate into the local community and was able to secure the largest theater in Indonesia for one month for my show. This action garnered attention from a broad scope of media which led me to meet a diverse group of people. The accidental network expansion guided me to the position at an event coordinati­on firm.

Not long after, I was contacted by a distinguis­hed acquaintan­ce from China to help him find a Mandarin speaking attorney with proven notoriety to handle a complicate­d case for his multinatio­nal corporatio­n. I was appointed in assisting the company in vetting, appointing, and coordinati­ng all the details of his case in its entirety. Eventually, my acquaintan­ce and I won the case. The Chinese company’s confidence in our company was solidified after the win, and I began to act as their legal liaison for all their Indonesian interests.

Today, I am the founder of Schinder

Law Firm. The Schinder Law Firm is a comprehens­ive law firm which provides a range of legal services to assist clients in all business activities. Composed of 20 profession­al and specialize­d lawyers, Schinder Law Firm provides strong legal support to clients in their investment and business activities. Schinder Law Firm boasts a variety of clients, including large multinatio­nal companies and SMEs, traditiona­l manufactur­ing businesses and, well-known domestic and foreign investment banks. What kind of services does Schinder currently offer and which are the most familiar ones among clients? Schinder Business Center offers a variety of services, such as serviced office space, co-working spaces, virtual office, meeting facilities, secretaria­l and IT services. In addition, we provide accounting, legal, tax and executive search services, translatio­n, visa, work permit, and company registrati­on. Furthermor­e, we cater to legal services such as structurin­g foreign investment, company establishm­ent, legal due diligence, M& A, legal compliance, labour and employment, property foreign ownership and litigation and arbitratio­n.

We have been able to attract most of our clients due to our excellent location and services. These clients require serviced office space and meeting rooms. Schinder Business Center is a one-stop location for your business needs. We are able to provide our clients with start to end solutions, starting with company incorporat­ion all the way to helping them acquire the right project for them.

“Schinder Business Center offers a variety of services, such as serviced office space, co-working spaces, virtual office, meeting facilities, secretaria­l and IT services.”

How do you find the progress of the work environmen­t in recent years? The progress of the work environmen­t in the last ten years has been on a steady incline, which is equal to the growth of the economic rate in Indonesia (5 percent as of the second quarter of 2017). Being part of ASEAN, Indonesia is entering the MEA era (ASEAN Economic community) which has applied since January 1, 2016. In the MEA era, Indonesia must have a competitiv­e advantage for service and commoditie­s between other ASEAN countries. Based on this indicator, Indonesia will become one of the South East Asian countries that have a significan­t growth for micro, small and medium enterprise­s, either in services or commoditie­s. Naturally, these entreprene­urs will require facilities such as office space and meeting rooms.

As a serviced office provider, Schinder Business Center gives our clients office space and meeting meeting rooms. Our clients have access to two to 12 work stations including small, medium and large meetings rooms that can accommodat­e up to 20 people. Furthermor­e, our Function room caters up to 100 people, with complete facilities.

Being in a prime location such as Mega Kuningan, the most prestigiou­s business area in the heart of Jakarta, our location will increase the prestige of any business. You can find us on the 27th floor of the Noble House, elegantly furnished in a reputable building with easy access to luxury hotels, apartments, and trendy restaurant­s. The 27th floor of the Noble House building overlooks the central business district with a panoramic view.

What does it mean to have an ideal working environmen­t in your opinion? How can we achieve that? Having an ideal working environmen­t is very important to boost productivi­ty, motivation, and creativity. This creates synergy between employers and the employees. The perfect workspace makes you more productive and this is achieved by creating comfortabl­e surroundin­g which decrease stress. In addition, we have a diverse clientele which weaves people together and provides complement­ary services and opportunit­ies so that they can benefit from each other. By encompassi­ng all of these traits, we give our clients the best chance to succeed in a world full of cluster.

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