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Idon’t sub­scribe to con­spir­acy the­o­ries and there are sev­eral rea­sons why: It’s too easy to ma­nip­u­late ev­i­dence and tam­per with videos, it’s too easy to keep ask­ing ex­perts un­til you find one who says what you want to hear, and it’s too easy for dif­fer­ent peo­ple to in­ter­pret the same things in dif­fer­ent ways if they feel they have a rea­son to do so (even our own crys­tal clear mem­o­ries are com­pletely un­re­li­able as many stud­ies have proved). O. J. Simp­son was found not guilty so I rest my case. Add to this the fact that ev­ery govern­ment has a pow­er­ful and well­funded op­po­si­tion try­ing to dis­credit it and you’ll see why I find it hard to be­lieve any­thing I read, es­pe­cially about 9/11. If you Google “9/11 con­spir­acy” you will find end­less lists of facts and fig­ures and you will find all kinds of video and doc­u­men­tary ev­i­dence to sup­port the idea that the US govern­ment was in­volved in the at­tacks for its own com­pli­cated and sin­is­ter rea­sons. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know. There are far more pow­er­ful, far smarter peo­ple than I in­volved on both sides of the ar­gu­ment so I will never get to the bot­tom of it by lis­ten­ing to them, es­pe­cially not after more than 17 years have passed. In any event I tend to agree with the last con­vinc­ing­ly­writ­ten thing I read so I pre­fer to rely on my own com­mon sense when I ques­tion these things. For­get about all the com­pli­cated the­o­ries you have heard and just ask your­self these three sim­ple ques­tions:

BUILD­ING COL­LAPSES: How is it pos­si­ble that both World Trade Cen­ter tow­ers came straight down in the most con­ve­nient way pos­si­ble caus­ing min­i­mum dam­age to other build­ings in the area, and why did Build­ing No. 7 col­lapse at all? I re­alise they were known as the “Twin Tow­ers”, but how is it pos­si­ble that BOTH build­ings did the City of New York such a huge favour and came straight down after be­ing hit by one plane each? One was a mir­a­cle. Build­ing No. 7 was never hit by a plane but caught fire some­how, and the fire be­came so in­tense that the build­ing col­lapsed en­tirely. If it did, it was not built to code and the ar­chi­tect should be in jail.

THE PEN­TAGON: Take a look at the pic­ture at­tached to this ar­ti­cle taken in the af­ter­math of the in­ci­dent. Isn’t there some­thing miss­ing? Like an aero­plane for ex­am­ple? Where is the de­bris? How come not a sin­gle piece of the plane or its con­tents is vis­i­ble? If we ac­cept that the cir­cu­lar fuse­lage of the plane made the neat square hole in the build­ing, where did the wings im­pact the build­ing and what dam­age did they do? And why is the fire dam­age so slight when the plane must have had thou­sands of gal­lons of avi­a­tion fuel on board at the time of the crash?

THE CLASS­ROOM SCENE: There is well-known video footage of Ge­orge W. Bush in a school class­room in Florida on that fa­mous morn­ing. An aide walks in and up­dates him on the at­tacks (of which he was re­port­edly al­ready aware) say­ing “A sec­ond plane has hit the World Trade Cen­ter Sir. Amer­ica is un­der at­tack.” Ge­orge W. Bush does noth­ing. The Se­cret Ser­vice does noth­ing. The “Leader of the Free World” stays in the school for an­other 29 min­utes. Surely it would have been pru­dent to as­sume that he might be a tar­get dur­ing these at­tacks. Shouldn’t he have been un­cer­e­mo­ni­ously dragged out, thrown onto Air Force One and evac­u­ated as fast as pos­si­ble as soon as the FIRST plane hit? Didn’t he need to as­sume com­mand of the sit­u­a­tion? Shouldn’t the kids have been evac­u­ated im­me­di­ately just in case an­other plane was headed their way? Ev­ery time I say these things to peo­ple in a pub they ask the same ques­tion: “All right, what DID hap­pen then?” I don’t know what hap­pened and I have no the­ory. I am just say­ing the above ques­tions are dif­fi­cult for any ra­tio­nal per­son to ig­nore. I would cer­tainly like to know the an­swers. If you go look­ing for an­swers you won’t find any. You’ll just find more ques­tions.

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