I Used to Hate Gro­cery Shop­ping – Not Any More!

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Did you know that we only have eight days off ev­ery month? Best to spend that pre­cious free time well, right? We know how time- con­sum­ing daily chores like cook­ing meals, work­ing out, and gro­cery shop­ping can be. Here are a few rea­sons why gro­cery shop­ping can be a te­dious chore and how we can change our per­cep­tion of it.

Ter­ri­ble Traf­fic Jams

Ac­cord­ing to a study con­ducted by the Bos­ton Con­sult­ing Group (BCG), Jakar­tans spend ap­prox­i­mately 22 days a year stuck in traf­fic jams. Yes, you read it right! “Imag­ine, 22 days is the same as two years of an­nual leave,” said Jakarta Deputy Gover­nor San­di­aga Uno, ex­press­ing de­spair at the study's find­ings.

Lim­ited Park­ing Spa­ces

Un­for­tu­nately, traf­fic woes are not just on the road, they fol­low you all the way to the park­ing lot. As quoted by kom­pas.com, the same BCG study found that drivers in Jakarta spend an aver­age of 21 min­utes look­ing for park­ing in a day. It is NOT fun mak­ing mul­ti­ple rounds in a crowded base­ment carpark, fight­ing over park­ing spa­ces.

Pain­fully Long Queues

Su­per­mar­kets can get re­ally crowded, es­pe­cially dur­ing the end-of-month pay day pe­riod. This is when peo­ple fill their trol­leys to the brim with gro­ceries for stock­ing up and cause mas­sive jams at the check­out lines.

Take- out Is Eas­ier

Some­times when I feel too lazy to gro­cery shop or cook at home, I rely on food de­liv­ery. It is so much faster and more con­ve­nient. One ma­jor down­side is the high costs, es­pe­cially with more mouths to feed. Once I re­alised I had spent hun­dreds of dol­lars on take-out alone, I de­cided to re­press my crav­ing for fries and make proper meal plans. This is not only good for my wal­let, but also ben­e­fi­cial for my health. My life- chang­ing mo­ment hap­pened when my friend sug­gested I try out this on­line gro­cery de­liv­ery app called Hap­pyFresh. Gro­cery shop­ping nowa­days is a breeze for me - I just have to browse on the app, check out and wait for my gro­ceries to mag­i­cally ap­pear at my doorstep. Don’t just take my word for it, oth­ers have also gone down the on­line gro­cery de­liv­ery route and changed their lives for­ever. Erny Chaerny­atun, the Head of Fi­nance, Ta­man Kreativ­i­tas Anak In­done­sia said, “It was hard to make time for gro­cery shop­ping be­cause my job re­quires me to man­age school fi­nances and also teach kinder­garten stu­dents. I first dis­cov­ered on­line shop­ping plat­forms while re­search­ing the most con­ve­nient way to stock the school's pantry. I chose Hap­pyFresh be­cause I saw that I could shop from a wide va­ri­ety of well-known su­per­mar­kets and gro­cery stores via their plat­form. So, I fig­ured that Hap­pyFresh should be a re­li­able app, and it ended up be­ing true. I now or­der my own gro­ceries from Hap­pyFresh as well. No more queue­ing or park­ing has­sle,” Erny is now a con­verted on­line gro­cery cus­tomer who shops from Hap­pyFresh reg­u­larly. We are see­ing a spike in the num­ber of peo­ple who find the idea of on­line gro­cery shop­ping at­trac­tive. It helps them spend more time with fam­ily and on their hob­bies in­stead of brav­ing traf­fic jams, find­ing park­ing or wait­ing in long queues. I was a lit­tle wor­ried ini­tially be­cause I pre­fer per­son­ally choos­ing my gro­ceries in the su­per­mar­ket. How­ever, Fil­ippo Can­drini, the Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor of Hap­pyFresh In­done­sia, makes sure that per­sonal shop­pers are well-trained to choose the best of the best for their cus­tomers. "Hap­pyFresh per­sonal shop­pers and drivers are se­lected via a strin­gent hir­ing process and un­dergo two weeks of in­ten­sive train­ing and back­ground checks be­fore they are per­mit­ted to de­liver any or­der." said Can­drini. I can in­deed con­firm that I have been very happy with the qual­ity of my gro­ceries de­liv­ered via Hap­pyFresh so far. What can I say, life has not been the same for me ever since I dis­cov­ered this app. And this, my friends, is the se­cret to over­com­ing the ar­du­ous task of gro­cery shop­ping.

“So, I fig­ured that Hap­pyFresh should be a re­li­able app, and it ended up be­ing true!” Erny Chaerny­atun, the Head of Fi­nance

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