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In the 1983 movie Oc­to­pussy, a bajaj in its na­tive In­dia was James Bond’s un­likely es­cape ve­hi­cle, mak­ing a se­ries of spec­tac­u­lar high-speed ma­noeu­vres dur­ing a thrilling chase. The only thing miss­ing was the hag­gling over the fare at the start of the chase – which would have given Bond’s pur­suer a per­fect op­por­tu­nity to shoot him in the back. When Jakarta banned quiet pedi­cabs in the 1970s, they were re­placed by noisy fleets of rat­tling, three-wheeled, smoke-belch­ing orange bajaj. Most of the older mod­els have been phased out by qui­eter, gas-driven blue bajaj but don’t ex­pect much com­fort. Also, you’ll be re­stricted to back­streets and jalan tikus ( lit­er­ally rat roads or side streets and small al­ley­ways). Typ­i­cal fare: Triple that of an app­based ride.

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