In Praise of Pedes­trian Tastes

Daniel Pope prods his pro­le­tar­ian fork at a few In­done­sian favourites.

Indonesia Expat - - CONTENTS - BY DANIEL POPE

“Food, glo­ri­ous food! Hot sausage and mus­tard! While we're in the mood, cold jelly and cus­tard!” So sang Oliver and his hun­gry chums in the mu­si­cal ver­sion of Oliver Twist. An In­done­sian ver­sion might go like this: “Food, glo­ri­ous food! Hot bakso and sam­bal! While we're in the mood, cold fried eggs and, er, sam­bal!” While In­done­sian cui­sine is di­verse, as you’d ex­pect in an ar­chi­pel­ago of 13,000 is­lands (in­clud­ing the Spice Is­lands), I’m go­ing to limit to­day’s menu to just a few of my favourites. A word of cau­tion: I’m English. Ac­cord­ingly, gourmets might say I couldn’t be trusted to choose be­tween a plat­ter of finest Caspian caviar and a sec­ond bowl of gruel for Oliver.

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