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First, I’ll de­ri­sively dis­miss the sweet form of this pan­cake-like treat, called martabak

ma­nis, which is sat­u­rated with mar­garine and sugar, then fried un­til it’s like a large greasy crum­pet, be­fore be­ing doused with con­densed milk and choco­late. It’s grotesquely rich. Imag­ine an oil-drenched spongy slab of lead. Or a swamp in cake form. Vastly su­pe­rior is the savoury va­ri­ety, called martabak telor, where a soft, stretchy dough is folded around a stuff­ing ( mu­ta­b­baq is the Ara­bic word for ‘ folded’). This stuff­ing is typ­i­cally egg and shal­lots. It’s then cut into squares, the num­ber of which may neatly match the num­ber of beers in a six­pack. Please, Sir, I want some more.

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