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Welcome Home at Otto Trattoria Italiana


Are you an Italian cuisine foodie? Jakarta has been embraced by Otto Trattoria Italiana, a new Italian restaurant that opened on Tuesday May 25, 2021.

Otto Trattoria Italiana offers simple yet authentic Italian cuisine inf luenced by Emilia Romagna, Chef Frederico’s home region. This Northern Italy area is known for its rich gastronomy, medieval cities, and seaside resorts. It’s an almost 18-hour flight from Jakarta though! Truly the best alternativ­e is to dine at Otto Trattoria, to be found on the Ground floor of Citywalk Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

This is a place of love, tradition, and conviviali­ty, accommodat­ing at least 4045 people during the new normal across its indoor and outdoor seating areas. Rustic, warm- coloured tones accentuate the eatery while vintage photograph­s of life ancestors is illustrate­d on the walls, depicting a cosy atmosphere amidst Sudirman’s hustle and bustle.

Otto Trattoria is all about being casual while instilling the traditions of meeting people and enjoying moments around a full table of traditiona­l and street Italian goodness. “Trattoria”, after all, means a casual and authentic place. Your laid-back business meeting, lunch break, dinner date, or alone time over hefty plates of pastas, pizzas, grilled meats, sandwiches, salads, gelato, tiramisu, panna cotta, and more, will be exemplary here.

Chef Frederico and his team offer a finegraine­d attention to detail brought to life with their hands and choose the best products, focussing on careful attention to the final plating. For example, the pastas and pizzas are all homemade. Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, and vegetarian options are available and presented in generous portions – a detail heavily embodied at this trattoria. It’s synonymous with having homecooked meals prepped by Italian mothers and grandmothe­rs.

You can never go wrong with spaghetti alla carbonara. It’s cooked to al dente and mixed with its mouth-watering white, creamy sauce consisting of black pepper and egg, garnished by either crunchy guanciale, a type of pork, or beef bacon. The rigatoni al ragu’ di agnello has homemade rigatoni pasta, carrots and sizzling tender lamb in tomato sauce, topped off with a hefty amount of grated parmiggian­o cheese. Don’t be fooled by the size of the pasta bowl, Otto Trattoria truly doesn’t hesitate to offer generous quantities. Chef’s kiss!

The pizzas can feed a group of four to six people; two to three slices can fill you up easily. The northern Italian pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, speck - smoked ham -, scamorza, and mushrooms is made interestin­gly different courtesy of Chef Frederico. Speaking of the chef, he’s someone who adores the classics such as lasagna alla bolognese and spaghetti alla carbonara.

Sweet- toothed foodies - satisfy your tastebuds with tiramisu’ classico with original f lavours, tiramisu’ alle fragole complement­ed with strawberry f lavours,

panna cotta ala caffe – panna cotta with coffee infused chocolate topping -, or

gelato italiano coming in ferrero rocher, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours. Alcohol will be sold sometime from midJune. Stay tuned for classic Italian wines and other liquors to accompany your meal. In the meantime, still and sparkling water are imported from Italy and indeed, the espresso shots will hit the spot.

Welcome home at Otto Trattoria! Relish in Emilia Romagna-inspired meals or simply order online via GoFood, GrabFood and WhatsApp +62 858 1778 8277. Prices range from Rp28,000 to 228,000. Ciao!

Otto Trattoria is all about being casual while instilling the traditions of meeting people and enjoying moments around a full table of traditiona­l and street Italian goodness.

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 ??  ?? Panna Cotta Ala Caffe
Panna Cotta Ala Caffe
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Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

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