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Vaccinatio­ns in Indonesia has been ongoing since May 2021. Expats and locals alike can register either as individual­s or through a gotong-royong scheme paid for by companies, whilst locals can get it for free through the government’s program. Have you registered? It’s a long process to finally be called up for an appointmen­t, but protecting ourselves and those around us can eventually lead to a level of normality sooner rather than later.

In lighter news, Indonesia Expat presents you with the Culinary Issue. Who doesn’t love food? Food brings people together, it’s always there for us, makes any social gathering better, it’s soothing to make, lets us learn about a culture, is inspiratio­nal, and a way to express our love.

Dining in at restaurant­s and cafes under a 50 percent capacity rule definitely offers relief and a sense of normal after months of cooped up at home with only takeaway or home cooking. It’s not the most ideal scenario, but it beats stressing over what to cook.

Take this issue as a guide on Indonesia’s diverse culinary scene, depicting traditiona­l Indonesian and authentic internatio­nal cuisines. We’ve included further informatio­n on restaurant­s and chefs and/or owners across Jakarta, Bali, and Yogyakarta, sharing their highly recommende­d dishes worth a try dining in or having delivered to your home.

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