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Take Care of Your Pets with Juda Adisusanto and Groovy Pet Services


Taking care of pets is as important as our own self- care. After all, pets are considered part of the family nowadays. For over 30 years, Groovy Pet Services has been the ultimate place for pet owners to have their furry loved ones groomed, pampered, and to keep their health in- tact. Indonesia Expat got to know Groovy better with animal lover and its CEO Juda Adisusanto. Are you a cat or dog person?

Hi, Juda! We’d love to get to know you better, so share your story with us.

Hello, my name is Juda Adisusanto. I’m 64 years old, Indonesian and Chinese, and my wife, Lucia Sudjiat, passed away in 2014. I studied electrical engineerin­g in 1983 at Trisakti University Jakarta and obtained my post graduate from Prasetiya Mulya University Jakarta in business management strategy. I worked as an employee in PT Berca Engineerin­g and then PT Schneider Indonesia until 1995. Afterwards, I joined my wife full-time in 1997 at Groovy, until now.

You co-founded Groovy Pet Services in 1990. Describe to us what Groovy is all about.

My late wife Lucy quit her job and she wanted to keep her days busy. Hence, we decided to set up Groovy Pet Shop and Grooming Salon in Kemang in 1990. At that time, it was running well because we’re located in the middle of an expat area; we learned from the expat community how to live with their pets at home.

Then, we started a boarding kennel in 1995, the same place we have it now. In the same year, we moved our shop, Groovy Pet Center, to Jl. Kemang Raya No. 44 due to increased demand. In 1997, we started to help expats move back to their countries by setting up the Groovy Pet Transport Company, where we have successful­ly moved many pets, especially dogs and cats, as well as turtles, birds, and rabbits around the world.

Our second shop opened in 2005 in Radio Dalam Raya 47B, yet we eventually moved to Jl Radio 3 No. 1 in 2020. Our third pet shop was opened in the BSD area with little success, so we now utilise this site as our Groovy Pet Transport office.

We then built our animal clinic named Groovy Vetcare in 2008, in the place adjacent to our previous shop. It’s been growing well. We’ve more than 10 veterinari­ans and separate lanes for dogs and cats. Our clinic has facilities similar to an animal hospital.

Moreover, we opened our fourth pet shop in Bintaro. It’s also the same place we have the Kopi Cat Cafe. Opened in 2017, this cafe has various type of cat’s breeds where cat lovers come to play and dine, perhaps because they don’t own any pets at home. We also opened one in Kemang 8 No. 63 A&B.

What type of pet services does Groovy specialise in?

We specialise in grooming all breeds of dogs and cats in our Groovy Pet Center while also having a team for home grooming. We do pet transport services for expats to safely travel with their pets. Moreover, our animal clinic is designated for emergencie­s and hospitalis­ation for in-patients, including contagious ones.

What makes Groovy’s pet shop different from others?

What differenti­ates us from others is our more than 30 years of experience, our passion for pets, and selling only highqualit­y pet products. After all, our tagline is “An Ultimate Partner in Pet Wellness”.

Explain the types of pet grooming facilities Groovy has.

We have services in three locations. Our groomers are house-trained for all breeds of dogs and cats, and we have a homegroomi­ng service team now, which grooms right in your house. Our grooming includes cuts, modelling, and washes using good shampoo which can last longer. Microbubbl­e grooming is our new services in every Groovy Pet Center; pet owners can have their pets groomed as often as possible with no chemical shampoos, which is good for pets that are allergic to certain shampoos. We only wash with water processed into nanobubble­s to removed dirt from the skin and coat.

Groovy has its own PAW Hotel and Resort. What can pet owners expect placing their pets here?

Our PAW Hotel facility is in Gunung Sindur. It’s a special place that we built similar to a hotel but for pets, separated from shops as people book a room and not a cage. The room facility can be occupied by up to four animals in a room. Simply pay for one room and the service charge depends on the weight of the animal; dogs and cats are counted by the head. Meals are an option but won’t be charged if the owner provides meals from home. Of course, if the animals are from the same house, we can put them together. Both pets and owners can enjoy some R&R at the swimming pools. Travelling with pets can be a complicate­d process. Is that why Groovy Pet Transport was formed?

Yes, we made this pet transporta­tion company to help people move around with their pets without any hassle and to do it safely.

As an Internatio­nal Pet and Animal Transporta­tion Associatio­n (IPATA) member, how does Groovy ensure every move is accountabl­e?

That’s why we joined, to have a real partner and networks that are also trustworth­y. We met them face-to-face several times before the pandemic in yearly conference­s.

Groovy’s Kopi Cat Cafés are located in Kemang and Bintaro. How is it beneficial to provide a space for cat lovers to play and dine at the same time?

Our Kopi Cat Cafes are to facilitate those who have no pets at home. There are many reasons behind why people can’t have pets at home, from family to personal reasons, community to restrictio­ns from the government. Aside from cats to play with, small meals are provided during their stay. Of course, people with pets at home are always welcome, as long as they don’t bring their pets.

Are you a dog or cat person, Juda?

I was previously a dog person but these days, I have four cats at home. I have a total of five dogs and four cats.

Share with us your opinion on the idea that “pets are family”.

Many people now consider pets as companions, beyond merely as pets. The paradigm has shifted compared to 30 years ago. Many Indonesian­s have pets as family, now and not only expats. Some people say, “if I can’t bring my pet along with me, I would rather refuse the job offer”.

As the CEO, do you have a message for pet owners and lovers about Groovy?

Next year we’ll have a new place for Groovy Vetcare nearby the old place. Hopefully, it’ll solve the current parking hassle. There will new services provided too.

Thank you, Juda! Stay safe and healthy.

Groovy Pet Services Website: WhatsApp: +6285282828­803 Facebook & Instagram: @groovyvetc­areclinic @groovypetc­enter_ kemang @groovypetc­enter_ rd @groovypetc­enter_ bintaro @groovypett­ransport

Groovy App will be available soon on your smartphone­s!

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