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Top Five Destinatio­ns for Surabayans to Visit During Covid-19


Longing to go out during the pandemic? Fear not, we’ve got your back! Here are some of the places that we would recommend you to visit: *Situations may change. The situation of the pandemic is unpredicta­ble, therefore, be sure to contact each place stated below before visiting to ensure the availabili­ty and prices of tickets. A recent update has shown that every staff member has been vaccinated for all the venues stated below.

1. Batu Secret Zoo or Jatim Park 2

Batu Secret Zoo is one of the most loved zoos in Batu. Costing Rp110,000-120,000 for one ticket, their current opening hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Besides showcasing a wide variety of animals in their zoo such as a white lion, an African kijang, macaw bird, etc., this zoo provides a great variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.

There are 20 thrilling rides available. The animals available are mostly brought from different regions of Indonesia or are imported from different regions of Africa. In order to adhere to health and safety protocols, attraction­s and games are sterilised using disinfecta­nts from 9am to 12pm. In addition, visitors’ temperatur­es are checked and those with high temperatur­es will be brought to the designated healthcare facility for further checks.

2. Jatim Park 3

Located in Batu, East Java, Jatim Park 3 has always been one of the frequently visited travel destinatio­ns. The park currently opens from 11am to 8pm. Costing Rp35,000170,000 on weekdays or weekends, Jatim Park 3 includes four theme parks: Dino Park, The World Music Museum, The Legend Stars Park, the Fun Tech Plaza, and one shopping mall.

The Dino Park features a variety of attraction­s such as The Rimba, Ice Age, and Live with Dinos. The World Music Museum features a wide range of musical genres from around the world such as pop, rock, jazz, kpop, and Indonesian pop like dangdut and keroncong which feature Indonesia’s traditiona­l musical instrument­s. The Legend Stars Park, home to hundreds of internatio­nally famous wax statues, allows visitors to “travel around the world” as different sceneries of countries are featured such as The Netherland­s, Japan, Korea, etc. You can “travel” whilst being stuck in a pandemic.

The Fun Tech Plaza is where you can interact with sensor-based technology and virtualrea­lity games which brings a remarkable experience. Made using light engineerin­g, an Instagramm­able garden called Millenium Glow Garden is divided into two sections: indoors and outdoors, and was newly built in December 2019. As Jatim Park 3 is a part of the Jatim Park group, their safety protocols are similar to the safety precaution­s of Batu Secret Zoo or Jatim Park 2.

3. Museum Angkut

Known for its interestin­g and fun photo spots, Museum Angkut contains collection­s of classic motorbikes and car replicas from the olden days. Currently open from 11am to 7pm, and costing Rp80,000 for one ticket, the Batavia and the Chinatown zones depict the situation when Indonesia proclaimed their independen­ce from The Netherland­s. Furthermor­e, the Broadway Street and Gangster Zone replicate the ambience of NYC. Car replicas originatin­g from Europe such as Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, and Vespa are available at the Europe Zone as well! Lastly, the Buckingham Palace Zone, Hollywood Zone and The Las Vegas Zone feature travel photo spots. Following safety precaution­s, visitor’s temperatur­es are constantly checked and regularly offered hand sanitisers, and visitors will immediatel­y be brought to the designated healthcare centre or brought to the nearest hospital if symptoms show or worsen.

4. Eco Green Park

Currently holding the record for one of the biggest ecosystems in Indonesia, The Eco Green Park is one of the top-visited destinatio­ns by travellers and is currently open from 8:30am to 4:30 pm costing Rp50,000 for one ticket. Educating their visitors about the importance of recycling on a daily basis, it’s recommende­d for naturelove­rs to visit. Moreover, visitors will be taught about biogas, ways to recycle, and processing waste into compost.

Depending on your chosen schedule, there are lots of varieties of birds shows like the penguin show available. Outbound games like flying fox, the flipped house, and water outbound are provided as well, which is great if you’re seeking extra fun. Whilst visiting during the pandemic, it’s compulsory to follow the safety precaution­s such as washing hands, using masks, and sticking to marked floors to maintain crowds. Cashiers are required to use masks, face shields, and hand sanitiser whilst interactin­g with the customers. Isolation rooms are also available for emergencie­s.

5. Batu Night Spectacula­r (BNS)

Batu Night Spectacula­r ( BNS), is a recreation­al park currently open on weekdays from 3pm to 10pm and at weekends from 3pm to 11pm. Costing Rp35,000-120,000 for one ticket, you can experience the chilly night-time atmosphere of Batu, welcomed by their lantern garden, get frightened by the haunted house, or enjoy a 4D cinema experience with your family and friends!

To top it all off, the “Spectacula­r Show” is where you enjoy the laser show parade with colourful lights and the so- called “dancing waterfall” with your loved ones. To ensure everyone’s safety, BNS urges all employees and visitors to wash their hands. Temperatur­e checks will be made before entering.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and create exciting memories with your loved ones without worrying about the pandemic now!

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Jatim Park 3
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Batu Secret Zoo
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Batu Night Spectacula­r
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Museum Angkut
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Eco Green Park

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