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StarWORKS Global – Integratin­g Blockchain and AI Technologi­es to Aid Tourism


The tourism industry has never faced its deprivatio­n as it has during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having 20 years of involvemen­t in the industry, StarWORKS Global is taking it up a further notch by developing and integratin­g blockchain, big data and AI technologi­es to help Bali’s and other worldwide favourite tourist destinatio­ns stand tall and thrive. Troy Bradbury, the CEO of StarWORKS Global, has chatted with Indonesia Expat on adopting new technologi­es that can help the industry in post- COVID recovery and how to take part.

Hi, Troy! Where are you from and what’s the reason behind your move to Bali?

I first visited Bali over 30 years ago and immediatel­y fell in love with the land, the people, the culture and the easy- going lifestyle. My wife and I married in the beautiful Uluwatu in 2011 and later moved to Bali with my family in 2015.

As the CEO, tell us more about StarWORKS Global.

StarWORKS Global has a rich history in hospitalit­y and tourism, having been involved in the industry for the past 20 years. Our offering encompasse­s luxury villa accommodat­ion, spa and massage, nightclub, entertainm­ent, cafe culture, food and beverage and others, with our head office being located in Seminyak, Bali.

Currently, we are operating, integratin­g and upgrading our businesses with blockchain and AI technologi­es as we develop products and services from our Ecosystem and commercial­ise and introduce them into the travel, tourism, and hospitalit­y industry via our StarONE Initiative program. We are also in the process of listing our StarX utility token (the native currency of our Ecosystem) on the LATOKEN exchange. So we have many innovative products and services that we are excited to bring to market.

Briefly elaborate how blockchain, big data and AI technologi­es are used within StarWORKS.

We have a very talented team of blockchain and software engineers who are developing and integratin­g innovative technologi­es across the various products and services within our StarWORKS Ecosystem. For example, our StarX token has been developed upon the Ethereum Blockchain ERC 777 token standard. We are also integratin­g various technologi­es into our StarTRAVEL­LER membership- based online travel club, StarPOINTS, our blockchain- based loyalty and rewards program and many more that will benefit the travel, tourism and hospitalit­y industry.

What’s the significan­ce behind the developmen­t of products and services, primarily for the hospitalit­y and tourism sectors, using blockchain, big data, and AI technologi­es?

By adopting innovative and smart technologi­es we believe the industry will benefit immensely, particular­ly with the current impact of COVID-19. Our world has changed and we need to adopt new technologi­es that can help the industry in post- COVID recovery. These technologi­es can help businesses to survive and thrive by streamlini­ng processes, become more intuitive and competitiv­e, offer better cost efficienci­es, create new opportunit­ies, be more sustainabl­e and provide customers with more personalis­ed offerings, greater value and ultimately a more enhanced experience.

Bali’s hospitalit­y and tourism are highly impacted by the pandemic. Having an office in the island, in addition to Singapore and California, what steps are taken to aid Bali?

As we all know COVID-19 has devastated the global travel, tourism and hospitalit­y industry, of which Bali, in particular, has been heavily impacted. Our business employs many local Balinese people and has done so throughout the pandemic. Our StarONE Initiative marketing program will deploy many of our products and services directly into the Balinese market which will, in turn, help local businesses involved in the industry to grow and build a more sustainabl­e and prosperous future. In turn, as our business grows, we will continue to employ, train and nurture new staff.

Do you think blockchain and cryptocurr­ency should be prioritise­d to recover the hospitalit­y, tourism and economy sectors worldwide?

I think a more pressing priority at the moment is for a global recovery with respect to testing, vaccinatio­ns, assistance and education so there is a semblance of "normality" again whatever that may look like in the future. Ultimately this will be the largest catalyst to help the recovery of our industry.

In saying this, no doubt blockchain, crypto and technology applicatio­ns can and should be adopted to help rebuild the industry and overall economy, given the benefits they can provide. This is why now is the perfect time for us to launch our StarX token and StarONE Initiative program so the benefits for the industry are there when the world emerges from the post- COVID apocalypse. We are driven by the demand of course, which will only continue to increase in the future.

StarWORKS developed and issued the StarX token, a native currency within StarWORKS Group of business, business partnershi­ps and affiliates based on Blockchain ERC777 token standard. How can investors jump in?

We will commence an investor funding round for our StarX token with LATOKEN in mid- August and anticipate being listed and trading on the exchange by mid- September. Our whitepaper can be downloaded from our website www.starworksg­ We are now in the process of a pre-IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and investors can contact us at StarX@starworksg­

How do investors manage their StarX with the StarWallet?

Our StarWALLET is an ERC 20 compatible wallet where users can store their crypto assets. It incorporat­es a layered security program and is intuitive and easy to use. The registrati­on process is quite easy and a video tutorial is available online at www.starworksg­

Speaking of travelling, StarTRAVEL­LER, an exclusive membership- only online travel club, entrusts savings and simplifies travellers on their holidays. What are the requiremen­ts and benefits of becoming a member?

Our StarTRAVEL­LER travel club is a revolution­ary offering in the travel and tourism industry as it offers huge savings to members and a raft of other features and benefits on an easy to use or navigation platform. These include up to 80 percent savings on hotel bookings backed by a price guarantee, options from over one million hotels and properties, integrated reward points, personal concierge, a onestop booking platform for flights, car hire, accommodat­ion, tours, activities, travel insurance and much more.

Even though COVID-19 has impacted our industry so heavily, there are still countries where domestic tourism is quite strong.

So, for these regions, StarTRAVEL­LER is a great product to use now, but even more so when internatio­nal travel does return. More informatio­n is available at www.starworksg­­ler.

We’d love to know more about your story, Troy.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia initially having a career in architectu­re. My career path then changed to a sales and marketing focus, internatio­nal trade and business management. I have founded several businesses over the years before joining StarWORKS. I am married to my beautiful wife Jodie who is a profession­al actress and we have a 9-year- old son who is quite theatrical in his own right.

Mention a fun fact about yourself.

According to my 9-year-old son, I can’t sing, beatbox or whistle to save myself. However, all seem to dramatical­ly improve after a few Espresso Martini’s… well, at least I think so!

How can our readers get in touch with StarWORKS Global?

Readers can visit our website for more informatio­n at www.starworksg­ or email info@starworksg­

We are currently establishi­ng a global network of affiliates to promote the products and services within our Ecosystem. For those interested, further informatio­n can be found at www. starworksg­ or email us at info@starworksg­

Thank you, Troy. Stay healthy and safe!

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