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Dear Readers,

- Edo Frese

We’ve made it to the end of 2021!

A lot has happened in Indonesia, starting with the numerous changes to the government’s regulation­s, the COVID-19 Delta variant, biweekly updates on PPKM levels 1- 4, to finally feeling a sense of normalcy.

The country has begun to get back on its feet with restrictio­ns loosened, but in anticipati­on of a sudden surge of COVID-19 cases throughout the year- end holidays, the government has announced all regions will be under PPKM level 3. Few significan­t restrictio­ns will occur, it’s just that mobility is tightened to halt travels and New Year’s celebratio­ns are suggested to be done at home.

Though this festive season might not be exactly “normal” as we’d all wish, Indonesia Expat has gathered jolly yet informativ­e content for you to read at home. Moreover, if you’ve missed the first Indonesia Expat Mixer since the pandemic, read through the wrap up here! We hope to see you at the next mixer in 2022.

Not to forget, we’re spicing up more digital content with our YouTube channel, Indonesia Expat! This includes our new series entitled “Welcome to Indonesia: The Series”, where we cover insights on food, leisure, community, travel, tips, guidelines, and so on. Stay tuned by subscribin­g to our channel!

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On behalf of Indonesia Exapt, have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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