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BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students Making an Internatio­nal Scientific Journal on COVID-19


The education field has an important role in the formation of character and morals, but how can this formation occur if learning is carried out remotely? This is a challenge, so that creativity, especially developmen­t in the field of technology, has become one of the benchmarks of success in the face-to-face learning process.

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug high school students participat­ed in the creation of an internatio­nal scientific journal entitled Voice Processing for COVID-19 Scanning and Prognostic Indicator. They were involved in one year of research since September 2020, together with Dr. Savita Sondhi (STEM Research Coordinato­r at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug), Dr. Rinda Hedwig (Research Interest Group Leader at BINUS University), and Dr. Ashok Salhan (scientist from New Delhi, India), where the results of this research were accepted and officially published on a global scale on 7th October 2021 in Heliyon.

The purpose of this scientific research is to test vocal correlatio­ns in people who are infected with the coronaviru­s and compare them with people who are not infected. This matter solidifies the research idea of Dr. Savita Sondhi to plan the creation of a mobile applicatio­n that can analyse the human voice and detect the symptoms of COVID-19 from the voice. Dr. Sondhi explained that the the students were very much involved in this research process. “One of them is Claire. Claire is always ready to do her part well. For example, Claire was away on vacation but I didn't know it. She still helped me and got the job done quickly, even on vacation,” said Dr. Sondhi.

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