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Assure Your Child’s Future Success with SAMPOERNA ACADEMY


Schools play an essential role in building and developing students’ character and developmen­t. After all, teachers make up as parents away from home. To allow children, regardless of their ages, to spend hours and hours of their days elsewhere but home cultivates well comprehens­ible concerns parents might have; are they in a safe environmen­t? Will they get the proper guidance in case we can’t provide it? How are they developing as a person? And the list goes on…

Thus, pinpointin­g the best school is a common priority any parent has. With endless options to choose from in Indonesia, being a parent may get you carried away into a baffling and arduous selection process. Is your child starting Pre-k soon? Perhaps your child is already in Elementary, Middle or High School? Lucky for parents, especially as a newcomer to a foreign land, Sampoerna Academy warmly welcomes children of different background­s who are guaranteed to flourish academical­ly and personally.

Sampoerna Academy has a vision of “graduates will assume leadership roles in a global society by being creative, passionate, lifelong learners who are able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and who care deeply for their fellow men and the environmen­t.” To achieve that, access and further exploratio­n of the holistic learning experience through the STEAM pedagogy are offered. The internatio­nal education at Sampoerna Academy follows a curriculum emphasisin­g the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineerin­g, Arts, and Mathematic­s) methodolog­y to develop students' 5C (Critical Thinking, Communicat­ion, Collaborat­ion, Creativity, and Character) competence and 21st-century skills that are work- and world-ready.

In other words, academics aren’t the only primary focus at Sampoerna Academy. STEAM enables children to tap deeper into being exposed to the world whilst grasping a degree that is recognised worldwide to eventually obtain their dream jobs and the national and internatio­nal high-skill demands. On another hand, through the 5C competenci­es, children foster into young individual­s cultivatin­g alongside IGNITE (Integrity values, Growth mindset, Nobility, Innovation, Teamwork, and Excellence) in promoting a spirit of innovation and cooperatio­n with the integratio­n of communicat­ion, multilingu­alism, and teamwork in projects.

Interactiv­e and educative activities such as STEAM Expo, Sampoerna Academy Literacy Festival, and Sampoerna Academy Got Talent have been held to hone students' character in creative, innovative, and collaborat­ive thinking, as well as invite them to be persistent individual­s and consistent in achieving their goals and maximum potential to allow IGNITE values come into fruition.

“Children’s character is formed and developed through two factors, namely internal and external. For external factors, the two main sources are family and social environmen­t. In this case, schools are included in the social environmen­t that has a big role in educating, teaching, and being a means to shape and develop positive characters in children,” explained Psychologi­st Tara De Thouars during the Sampoerna Schools System Edu Talk: High-quality Education for Indonesia's Future Excellent Generation.

Students at Sampoerna Academy are also familiaris­ed with Project-based Learning approaches, as well as trilingual programs touching base in Indonesian, English, and Mandarin languages. The integratio­n of communicat­ion and collaborat­ion in team projects and multi-language proficienc­y is therefore to create an environmen­t that encourages a culture of innovation and collaborat­ion. Asian values that are upheld in learning help students to instil the values of social harmony, order, and respect too.

Many aspects fall into the curriculum at Sampoerna Academy, which in hopes, befits a combinatio­n of tailored curriculum to prepare students as a generation that’s ready to compete and move forward with much confidence in the future. Every child deserves a chance to reach success as soon as they step into the real world. A wonderful and reassuring foundation makes huge difference­s to a child’s developmen­t.

Make way for your child’s success via a Steam focused Education at Sampoerna Academy. Visit www. sampoernaa­ or follow Sampoerna Academy on social media to learn more.

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