Crazy Rich Peo­ple’s Night­mares

What to wear since there’s too much clothes, which coun­try to visit in next holiday, what char­ity cause to do­nate—there’s a long list of daily “prob­lems” of rich peo­ple. But no, now we’re talk­ing about the REAL prob­lems; th­ese are the night­mares for crazy

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How Can I Sleep Well and En­joy Life?

Money can buy al­most ev­ery­thing, but not the most pre­cious things like a well sleep or a good health. Many mil­lion­aires haven’t had a good sleep in years. Rich peo­ple o en nd them­selves deal­ing with busi­ness and think­ing about money all the time. What aver­age peo­ple may not un­der­stand: more money causes more is­sues. There are more taxes, think­ing of ways to keep it safe, deal­ing with doc­u­men­ta­tions, ac­coun­tants and in­sti­tu­tions, and many other things. Even though the rich have all the fa­cil­i­ties; they might not have free time for the hob­bies, lim­ited time for ex­er­cise, and even no time for fam­ily. Fur­ther­more, sleep de­pri­va­tion and care­less lifestyle make the rich peo­ple at risk to dis­eases, es­pe­cially to the crit­i­cal ill­ness. That’s why, life and health pro­tec­tion is es­sen­tial.

Can I Stay Rich and Be­came Richer?

There’s an old say­ing that main­tain­ing is harder than achiev­ing. Main­tain­ing wealth can be a struggle for rich peo­ple. Hav­ing a lot is usu­ally di­rectly pro­por­tional to spend­ing a lot, es­pe­cially when wealth comes with a change in lifestyle. As we may be aware, there are grow­ing sales of lux­ury cars1 that in­crease at least around 20% per year. With this con­di­tion, one of the chal­lenges for around more than 100,000 High Net Worth fam­i­lies in In­done­sia is to bal­ance the change in lifestyle with taking care of the fu­ture nan­cial needs. So the ques­tion to stay rich and be­come richer may oc­cur as one of crazy rich’s night­mare which needs to be an­tic­i­pated.

How to Make Sure That My De­scen­dants Live Pros­per?

Chil­dren liv­ing in a wealthy fam­ily are used to have all the fa­cil­i­ties and pros­per­ity. It will be a night­mare for a rich par­ent if their chil­dren can no longer live as com­fort­ably as they used to. While in ma­jor­ity rich peo­ple have their own fam­ily busi­ness, there is only 3% that are run by third gen­er­a­tion2. In or­der to en­sure that their de­scen­dants live prop­erly, rich fam­i­lies need legacy plan­ning. It is very im­por­tant for th­ese fam­i­lies to be pre­pared and pro­tected dur­ing tran­si­tion to generations to en­sure they can con­tinue the fam­ily legacy. Based on above ex­pla­na­tion, rich peo­ple need a proper and com­pre­hen­sive so­lu­tion to over­come those night­mares. Hav­ing said that, it can be con­cluded that most of the prob­lems they are fac­ing is much re­lated with nan­cial man­age­ment.

Man­ulife Prime As­sur­ance: The Pre­mium So­lu­tion

Man­ulife Prime As­sur­ance (MPA) from Man­ulife In­done­sia is a pre­mium life in­sur­ance for High Net-worth In­di­vid­u­als (HNWI) that pro­tects fam­ily lega­cies through com­pre­hen­sive life in­sur­ance. MPA en­ables HNWI to con­tinue their nan­cial dreams and as­pi­ra­tions and en­sures their fam­ily can con­tinue its legacy. Solely dis­trib­uted through Man­ulife agency dis­tri­bu­tion, MPA con­sists of var­i­ous bene ts in­clude: 1. Life­time pro­tec­tion with sum in­sured, from Rp5 bil­lion/usd500.000 2. Exclusive med­i­cal pro­tec­tion with pri­or­ity ser­vice called Mi­as­sist 3. Crit­i­cal ill­ness’ pro­tec­tion for cus­tomers and their fam­i­lies as well as

an ad­di­tional bene t for gen­der speci c ill­nesses. With MPA, rich peo­ple can have less stress and start sleep­ing well—know­ing that they have the health pro­tec­tion they need, with the pri­or­ity ser­vice they de­served. As an all-in­clu­sive so­lu­tion, MPA also comes with the bene t of in­vest­ment for wealth im­prove­ment. Last but not least, the life­time pro­tec­tion of MPA will be a per­fect legacy plan­ning for rich fam­i­lies. So, stay rich, be happy and bye-bye night­mares! For any in­quiries re­gard­ing Man­ulife Prime As­sur­ance please con­tact 021-2555 7777 or visit­ulife-in­done­

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