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Far­rer Park Hospi­tal Sin­ga­pore be­comes the first in South­east Asia to of­fer the lat­est non­in­va­sive tech­nol­ogy in gy­ne­co­log­i­cal treat­ment

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Far­rer park hospi­tal is Sin­ga­pore’s newest pri­vate hospi­tal in­cor­po­rat­ing the most ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy to sup­port bet­ter de­ci­sion mak­ing for im­proved pa­tient out­comes and shorter hospi­tal stays along with the am­bi­ence of na­ture and art to en­hance the pa­tient’s and their fam­ily’s ex­pe­ri­ence. FPH also has more than 650-ac­cred­ited spe­cial­ists, 18 op­er­at­ing rooms and a 10-floor spe­cial­ist Med­i­cal Cen­ter. It is sited within Sin­ga­pore’s first, fully in­te­grated health­care and hospi­tal­ity com­plex, called Con­nex­ion, which also houses a fives­tar ho­tel. Among its many firsts, this award­win­ning hospi­tal was the first to do ro­botic surgery MAKO PLASTY for par­tial knee and hip re­place­ment in Sin­ga­pore, in­tro­duce Elekta HD for Ra­dio­ther­apy in South­east Asia, and, also the first to do high-in­ten­sity fo­cused ul­tra­sound (HIFU) in the re­gion. Ap­prox­i­mately 25 to 50 per cent of women in their re­pro­duc­tive years en­counter fi­broids. And de­spite not al­ways show­ing symp­toms, uter­ine fi­broids can cause prob­lems such as heavy or pro­longed men­strual bleed­ing, pelvic pressure or pain, and fre­quent uri­na­tion.

The HIFU treat­ment of uter­ine fi­broids depends on symp­toms in pa­tients, as well as the size of the fi­broid, the de­sire for fu­ture preg­nancy, and the treat­ment pref­er­ence of the gy­ne­col­o­gist.

HIFU is a new tech­nol­ogy for the treat­ment of uter­ine fi­broids, ade­no­my­oma, ade­no­myosis, and cer­tain can­cers. It is a non-in­va­sive pro­ce­dure that uses fo­cused ul­tra­sound to gen­er­ate highly lo­calised heat to treat both be­nign or ma­lig­nant tu­mours.

“HIFU treat­ment is ef­fec­tive for pa­tients with uter­ine fi­broids who wish to have chil­dren,” said Dr Lee Keen Whye, Ob­stet­rics and Gyne­col­ogy spe­cial­ist at Far­rer Park Hospi­tal Sin­ga­pore. “It could sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce the prepa­ra­tion pe­riod for preg­nancy af­ter treat­ment for fi­broids. It can also im­prove fer­til­ity of pa­tients with a his­tory of in­fer­til­ity and ab­nor­mal preg­nancy. In short, as a non-in­va­sive ther­a­peu­tic tech­nique, HIFU safely can be used to treat pa­tients with uter­ine fi­broids who wish to be­come preg­nant,” said Dr Lee.

The treat­ment is done ex­clu­sively in the hospi­tal’s Fi­broid Clinic at the Day Surgery Suite. “Fresh so­lu­tions to make things more com­fort­able, new treat­ment op­tions for bet­ter out­comes and su­pe­rior cus­tomer ser­vice. We con­stantly look for more ways to of­fer value to our pa­tients,” said FPH CEO, Dr Peng Chung Mien.

As the only provider of HIFU in the re­gion, the FPH of­fice in Jakarta of­fers seam­less ser­vice for pa­tients seek­ing this treat­ment.

Far­rer Park Hospi­tal Sin­ga­pore Jakarta Of­fice, 23rd Floor Of­fice 8 SCBD Lot 28, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53 (Jl. Senopati Raya 8B), Jakarta 12190 Hot­line: +62 21-27517878 Email: [email protected]­ www.far­­tal

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