Suit Your­self

Learn what looks good on you and find the per­fect suit for your body type.

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en’s bod­ies may vary less than women’s but that doesn’t mean you can af­ford to ig­nore what looks best on you when buying a suit. Know­ing your body type is the first step to find­ing your suit soul­mate. Find out what suit best fits your shape.

Tall & Skinny

• Choose (large) hor­i­zon­tal stripes to bulk you up a bit and help you ap­pear more sub­stan­tial. • Say no to skinny pants and choose a straight cut that will bet­ter flat­ter you. • Com­bine more than two colours. Choose a lighter colour like white, cream, beige, light blue, light grey or khaki to give you a slightly larger ap­pear­ance. • A fit­ted shirt and suit is the best op­tion. Avoid any­thing skinny or baggy or loose. You can add de­tail on the shirt for a bit of fun. • Choose a heav­ier fab­ric to add some weight and pro­por­tion to your shape. • Three but­tons and a higher but­ton stance on your jacket is more flat­ter­ing for tall guys. • Go for a sin­gle or no vent. The vents will make you more com­fort­able and fuller. • Wear pants with a longer rise, which is the dis­tance from the waist­band to the bot­tom edge, which are more com­fort­able and look nicer on tall men.


• Avoid re­ally big prints that will over­whelm your look. This in­clud­ing says no to big ties. • Ver­ti­cal stripes are one of the great­est ways to cre­ate the il­lu­sion that shorter men are taller than they re­ally are. • Dou­ble vents em­pha­size the out­side lines of the body so they cre­ate a longer sil­hou­ette that com­ple­ments and length­ens your frame. • Look for low rise pants to “stretch out” the torso, making you seem sleeker and longer. In fact, the lower the rise of the pants, the longer the body looks. Also, avoid cuffs on the pants be­cause they will shorten your legs. • Choose a jacket with one or two but­tons with a lower but­ton stance to give you some length.


• Choose prints care­fully and avoid any hor­i­zon­tal or di­ag­o­nal stripes, or large, busy prints. They will dou­ble your bulk. • Avoid dou­ble-vented jack­ets. Choose a model that cov­ers your bot­tom like a sin­gle-vented jacket or one with­out vents. • Choose a two-but­ton, sin­gle-breasted suit to draw at­ten­tion away from your bulk. • Don’t loosen the jacket, it’s not go­ing to flat­ten your shape. It does work for women, but for men please keep it fit. Your clothes should just skim your body with­out hug­ging it too closely. • Choose a lightweight fab­ric and also a dark colour to help cover your shape. • Go with a max­i­mum of two sim­i­lar colours. For ex­am­ple, a black suit with a dark blue or grey shirt. • Suits pants should be worn at your nat­u­ral waist, at the belly but­ton or above to cover the belly.

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