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My first ad­ven­ture in Queen­stown was the Sho­tover Jet, the ul­ti­mate jet boat ex­pe­ri­ence. We boarded a boat and it took us on a unique, breathtaking ride through dra­matic and nar­row canyons, and then as the driver sig­nalled, we had to hold on tight as the boat spun a full 360 de­grees. You could feel the cool wa­ter splash­ing on your face, and the wind as the boat turned. It is so much fun that even the Duke and Duchess of Cam­bridge (Prince Wil­liam and Kate Mid­dle­ton) did it when they vis­ited Queen­stown. I couldn’t get enough of the ex­cite­ment and the feel­ing of the pump­ing adrenalin, and this time I chose white-wa­ter raft­ing on the Kawa­rau River with Queen­stown Raft­ing. After be­ing pre­pared in the full wet­suit raft­ing cloth­ing, we were taken on a bus on a long nar­row wind­ing road to the start­ing point. Then the fun be­gan. There were eight peo­ple in­clud­ing the in­struc­tor on our raft, the jour­ney started out easy as we cruised se­dately along the river, en­joy­ing the scenic view, then the fun be­gan. As the cur­rent got faster, we had some fun and ex­cit­ing mo­ments try­ing to stay on the raft and make sure it didn’t get turned up­side-down. We were given some prior safety in­struc­tions on what to do. Dur­ing one tricky phase we had to make sure we stayed on the raft and, at the same time, all had to jump to the left side of the raft. I ac­ci­den­tally knocked over a per­son who sat be­side me and he fell out of the raft and straight into the river. Thank­fully, he was al­right and rather en­joyed the ex­pe­ri­ence! At the end is the un­for­get­table, 400-me­tre Dog Leg, New Zealand’s long­est com­mer­cially rafted rapid. You want to know what it feels like? It’s like the im­pact of a car crash as the raft hit the 400m fall. It was a bit scary but a lot of fun.

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