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Don’t waste your time ar­gu­ing with bus driv­ers. They can be stub­born, so it’s bet­ter just to move on.

Don’t be sur­prised if lo­cals get ex­cited if you tell them you spent time in Medan as a child or are half-Batak.

If you have ever been in Jakarta, you likely have seen some re­ally bad driv­ing by bus driv­ers. Well, lots of the driv­ers come from Medan and the streets here can make the streets in Jakarta look tame by com­par­i­son. If you can drive in Medan, you can drive any­where.

If you are shop­ping in a tra­di­tional mar­ket like Peti­sah, Sambu or Me­lati, dress down or you are likely to find your­self pay­ing more.

Medan is fa­mous for its spicy food, so take care. You can ask for your chilli on the side to try and keep the tem­per­a­ture down.

Women, don’t be sur­prised if lo­cal men call you “Ito”. It’s a term of re­spect for women.

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