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There will be no eat­ing dis­or­ders for this half Nor­we­gian muse of Biyan. She main­tains a healthy diet and plans to be­come a nutri­tion­ist

Hege Mar­tine Suy­oto Wollan is not your typ­i­cal model. She brings her own food to photo shoots, and pre­pares her own meals dur­ing breaks. it’s all be­cause she is mak­ing a se­ri­ous effort to fol­low a healthy lifestyle. eat­ing dis­or­ders and un­healthy body im­ages loom around the world of mod­el­ling, a vis­ually glam­orous in­dus­try with lots of dark back sto­ries be­hind the closed cur­tains. Hege, one of the top young mod­els in in­done­sia, has laud­able as­pi­ra­tions. in a few years, she plans to study to be­come a nutri­tion­ist.

time con­straints do not get in her way when it comes to eat­ing a healthy diet. “i keep things prac­ti­cal by steam­ing most of my food in­gre­di­ents; chicken, veg­eta­bles and pota­toes, mostly,” says Hege. “that way, i can al­ways eat a proper diet, no mat­ter where i go or what i do. i try my best to eat a healthy diet, and mak­ing my own food has proven to be handy.” this unusu­ally ap­proach­able model be­lieves that a healthy lifestyle is cru­cial for one’s body and mind, hence the need to raise aware­ness among mod­els of the im­por­tance of hav­ing a good diet.

“i’ve al­ways been in­ter­ested in nu­tri­tion, and how diet pat­terns af­fect a per­son’s life,” says Hege, who is of nor­we­gian and in­done­sian des­cent. talk­ing about her five-year plan to be­come a nutri­tion­ist, this gor­geous muse of Biyan en­thuses about her in­ten­tion to vol­un­teer for dif­fer­ent nu­tri­tion camps around the world, in­clud­ing mind and body boot camp pro­grams in Bali, be­sides tak­ing up nu­tri­tion stud­ies at univer­sity. “that way, i could get first­hand ex­pe­ri­ence in nu­tri­tion and diet, ed­u­cate more peo­ple on healthy liv­ing, and at the same time, travel around the world,” the 21-year-old says.

Her pur­pose­ful mind shines just as bright as her lucky star. Hege’s ca­reer as a pro­fes­sional model, which started four years ago, con­tin­ues go­ing up­ward. it only took a few months as a pro­fes­sional model and a suc­cess­ful go-see for Hege to open Biyan’s fash­ion show at Jakarta Fash­ion Week (JFW) 2012. She even­tu­ally be­came one of Biyan’s muses. in fact, Hege re­gards Biyan as more of a “fam­ily mem­ber” than some­one she works with. al­ter­nat­ing be­tween nor­way and in­done­sia ever since, Hege is set to con­cen­trate on mak­ing a name for her­self in the euro­pean mod­el­ling in­dus­try in 2015.

“i was in my high school uni­form when i went for a go-see with Mas Bi (Biyan’s nick­name). it was only a few months into my mod­el­ling ca­reer and i had no idea how big a de­signer he was,” says Hege, whose ex­pe­ri­ence in­cludes a con­tract with look mod­el­ling agency. “a few days af­ter, my booker told me that i would be open­ing Mas Bi’s show at JFW. i did some re­search on him and fi­nally re­alised how re­ally lucky i was!”

luck is not the only thing that brings Hege to where she is to­day. She un­der­stands it re­ally well that for a model to suc­ceed, hav­ing a good at­ti­tude is a must. “top mod­els are as­so­ci­ated with ar­ro­gance. i re­ally don’t want to have that im­age stuck to my name. as much as pos­si­ble, i try to be down to earth.”

asked about the top qual­ity that sep­a­rates good and medi­ocre model, Hege was quick to re­spond that it all de­pends on the abil­ity and will­ing­ness to be a chameleon. “a model al­ways has to re­mem­ber that she isn’t sell­ing her­self, she’s sell­ing the brand. no mat­ter how ugly she thinks she looks in an out­fit, she just has to deal with it and stay in char­ac­ter. it’s like be­ing a chameleon, which changes its look de­pend­ing on its en­vi­ron­ment.” Hege goes on to share her tips in stay­ing con­fi­dent de­spite the looks she has to wear for a fash­ion show: “i use the power of the mind to carry on. i imag­ine my­self in a look i love, fo­cus on the client’s brief and walk out to the run­way. the show must go on!”

Her pos­i­tive at­ti­tude is her weapon to sur­vive the euro­pean mod­el­ling in­dus­try she aims to fo­cus on. “the mod­el­ling in­dus­try in europe is very dif­fer­ent from in­done­sia,” says Hege. “over there, it’s rude to be late for an ap­point­ment. you need to re­ally be on time, whereas in Jakarta, ev­ery­one lives with the fact that the traf­fic is crazy, so punc­tu­al­ity is not a top pri­or­ity.”

it was cam­era time for Hege shortly af­ter. Mod­el­ling looks from Chanel cruise and Biyan’s lat­est col­lec­tions, Hege was a true chameleon. She was in her own world, shift­ing from one ex­tra­or­di­nary pose to an­other. “i was a dancer in nor­way,” she tells us. “i did bal­let, con­tem­po­rary, even hip-hop. that’s how pos­ing comes nat­u­rally to me.”

“Top mod­els are as­so­ci­ated with ar­ro­gance. I re­ally don’t want to have that im­age. As much as pos­si­ble, I try to be down to earth”

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