“Time is an ob­ses­sion, I think, for a lot of peo­ple - all of us. It’s hard try­ing to de­scribe time, it can make peo­ple crazy,” says ERIC CAN­TONA, for­mer Manch­ester United star and part­ner of Haut­lence

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eric can­tona An­other way to de­scribe time

Foot­baller, ac­tor and artist all in one, Eric Can­tona has been a part­ner of Haut­lence, a Swiss watch brand that sets out to bring a new dy­namic to the art of watch­mak­ing, since 2014. The for­mer Manch­ester United star em­bod­ies Haut­lence’s de­ter­mi­na­tion to think out of the box and de­liver orig­i­nal, edgy time­piece de­signs. A lover of words, pho­tog­ra­phy, cin­ema, paint­ing and all forms of artis­tic ex­pres­sion, Can­tona is in­ti­mately in­volved in de­vel­op­ing unique lim­it­ed­series mod­els that carry his sig­na­ture. He vis­ited Jakarta for the launch of three new Haut­lence mod­els: the HL New­ton, HL Vagabonde 01 and Vagabonde Tour­bil­lon. High­lights of an in­ter­view:


They asked me to work on de­sign­ing new watches with them. I didn’t know the brand then, but I just loved it. What I love the most about them is how they try to rein­vent the time. The peo­ple there are such hard work­ers, al­ways try­ing to find some­thing new to de­scribe time. And I love to de­sign. It’s very in­ter­est­ing to work with them in de­sign­ing their watches. De­sign for me is ex­cit­ing, the work in this in­dus­try is ex­cit­ing. I didn’t know much back then but then I went to the fac­tory and I met a lot of tal­ented peo­ple.

What do you love most about watches?

Time is an ob­ses­sion, I think, for a lot of peo­ple - all of us. You work, and it’s all about time. It’s hard try­ing to de­scribe time, it can make peo­ple crazy. So most of those who can cre­ative new watch in­no­va­tions, they are ge­niuses and out of this world - es­pe­cially the peo­ple who try to de­scribe time, try to rein­vent time, try to find an­other way to de­scribe time.

Do you con­sider your­self as a watch col­lec­tor?

No. I have a lot of watches but I can’t say I’m a col­lec­tor. I don’t have a great eye like real col­lec­tors.


My first watch was a Rolex GMT, in steel, with a red and black bezel, a very old one. I re­ally liked it. At that time, when I was young, I just bought things be­cause I saw them and I liked them. I didn’t want to have some­thing too flashy, it’s a very tra­di­tional watch, very eter­nal.

What types of watches best de­scribe you?

Some peo­ple like di­a­mond and flashy watches, but I pre­fer el­e­gance, like an Haut­lence or a Moser. But then again, el­e­gance is very sub­jec­tive. I have my own ver­sion of el­e­gance, my own mean­ing of el­e­gance.

What is your ver­sion of el­e­gance?

My ver­sion of el­e­gance is some­thing that has to do with arts. Arts in many forms. Arts in watches is when I see some­thing re­ally cre­ative.

Do you think a great watch is a piece of art?

It can be. When I see some­thing spe­cial, from my point of view, be­cause again, all art is sub­jec­tive. If I feel some­thing about it is cre­ative, spe­cial, el­e­gant, nice - it’s art for me. When you feel the ex­pres­sion of some­body, of the man­u­fac­turer, the real ex­pres­sion of some­body, the story be­hind it, then that watch is a work of art. Some of them are not so cre­ative or artsy. But I pre­fer to speak about it from the point of view of its el­e­gance.

What is the great­est piece of ad­vice you have ever re­ceived?

My fa­ther is a pain­ter and he is al­ways ob­serv­ing the world. When you ob­serve the world, you ob­serve its form in ev­ery­thing, that’s how you un­der­stand the world. Now he’s nearly 80, and he’s seen ev­ery­thing in life. And of­ten­times, what we know is that we don’t know what we long for. And the sec­ond great piece of ad­vice comes from my grand­fa­ther. He said to me: “We have two ears and one mouth so we have to lis­ten more be­fore we talk. So ob­serve the world and try to cre­ate your own re­al­ity.”

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