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Looking at the current state of the world we’re living in as the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll, the future is what we are looking forward to as major historical moments are unfolding right in front of very our own eyes; the future is here, and the future is today. As such, the coronaviru­s, education and the apocalypse, are three keywords we put forth in long narrations over at this month’s Features section reflect on today’s stories and how they will shape our future’s new normal. Everyone is pitching in their own ways to fight the coronaviru­s and its unpreceden­ted global effects, which is why we highlight eight generous souls as our cover stars, read more in “Heroes” who come from diverse sets of background­s but are united to rally others to combat both the virus itself, and the toll it takes on humanity in general. I am thoroughly thankful to Dato Sri’ Tahir, Rosan Roeslani, Maia Mussry, Cathy Sharon, Najwa Shihab, Patricia Mayoree, Mesty Ariotedjo and Alfatih Timur for providing a platform of voice and action that helps unite the country during this tough time. Amid all these uncertaint­ies, preparing for the worst to come is a normal reaction of the human nature as we’ve seen people stocking in, and even hoarding up, essentials to face the movement restrictio­n order in its varying shape and form. Some people take their preparatio­ns a step further by positing the scenario of an apocalypse, which goes beyond just an everyday doomsday prepper and are doing it with the Tatler flair and panache; read more in “How to Throw Money at the Problem”. On a more grounded note, almost literally, we present a better alternativ­e to prevent such further tears in the fabrics of society from happening anymore by preparing the next generation. Our children is the future, the ones who would face all of the consequenc­es we have done to the earth today, and we need to equip them properly while trying to slow down the rate of our own irreversib­le actions. The education system laid out in “A Bright Green Future” might seem like a far off dream of tomorrow as we are all staying put at home, but the ideas and issues listed there are worth exploring and learned together as a family that is now spending time together more than ever. Stay healthy and positive as you enjoy all of our engaging contents around the latest trends from the comforts of your own home this month. Happy reading, and don’t forget to take your vitamins! –Millie Stephanie Lukito, CEO & Bureau Chief Tatler Indonesia

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