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agus santoso

Since 2014, Agus decided to spend most of his life exploring the fashion industry trough his passion as a photograph­er. His vision is to not only adore the art of beauty, but also to deliver a message by capturing the moment. Agus first left his hometown after graduating from Petra Christian University to continue studying in Singapore. His dream career path then started upon joining becoming an Associate Photograph­er with NPM Photograph­y, although the biggest challenge to undertake a commercial shoot is yet to come.

maina harjani

Indian by nationalit­y and Indonesian by race, Maina has always had a passion for writing ever since her school days. She was in the media for six years before discoverin­g her passion in the health and wellness industry. She is currently training to become a comprehens­ive BASI Pilates Instructor, and is the cofounder of Jeda Wellnest.

jamie mackinnon

Jamie was born in Liverpool in the UK and spent time tending in some of the best cocktail bars and restaurant­s around the country. This profession led him on to travel and to spend time writing and working in parts of Europe and Asia. Having settled down here in Jakarta, Jamie has found a growing cultural metropolis that is filled with tastes, styles and inspiratio­ns from all over the world.

margaretha novi

Says Margaretha: “My love for the fashion industry initiated my career as a fashion editor. After more than six years of working in the industry as a full-timer as well as a contributo­r to several media outlets, I so enjoyed styling that I decided to produce my own label, TANGAN. I really am a woman of many interests but fashion is truly my passion.”

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