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With today’s rising demand for cuttingedg­e healthcare technology, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is here to provide first-rate health service in comfort and luxury

- By Hesikios Kevin

Mandaya Hospital Puri is getting ready to welcome patients with its premium healthcare

In the wake of the coronaviru­s pandemic that’s been rolling across the globe in the past six months, the need for better healthcare is now more apparent than ever. The renowned Selaras Holding, which is an Indonesia-based investment management and holding company focusing on real estate, hospitalit­y and healthcare, answers the population’s demand for premium healthcare services with stateof-the-art facilities by recently announcing the developmen­t of its Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri. In a preventati­ve action against possible future outbreaks, the hospital will open for business in late 2020 and is planned to be one of the largest hospitals in Jakarta. Strategica­lly located at the satellite Metland Cyber City in Tangerang, Mandaya will provide more than 350 comfortabl­e inpatient beds supported by 10 operating theatres, more than 100 outpatient examinatio­n rooms, 10 advanced specialist centres and 3 advanced medical centers—consisting of Cardio-vascular Arrhythmia Center, Advanced Oncology Center and Neuroscien­ce Center. Mandaya’s President Director Dr. Benedictus R. Widaja, MBCHB, who also acts as the advocate of patient-and-family-centered medical care, aims to improve the patients and their families’ experience during hospitalis­ation. Moreover, the hospital also brings a new concept that promotes clinical excellence and healing while facilitati­ng a conducive environmen­t for psychologi­cal and emotional wellbeing. With the highest level of care and standard, Mandaya adds modern and luxurious finishes to its elegant interiors to make patients feel welcomed and comfortabl­e. The entrance of the three-storey high lobby lounge is giving a luxurious hotel-like atmosphere with plenty of cosy sofas around the public waiting areas complete with a coffee place and other shops just around the corner. Just outside, patients and their family members are able to relax and enjoy some fresh air in the manicured garden plaza during a morning sun-soaking session while bonding with each other. Supported by such remarkable facilities and the most promising healthcare technologi­es, it is no wonder that Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is ready to be the nation’s preeminent modern hospital in the future.

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