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Alexander Thian

Talks about the ups and downs of his life that shapes him as a writer and social media influencer well-loved for all the positivity in words and works

- By Clairice Halim

The ever-curious Alexander Thian, also known as Lexi, writes light and relatable stories to enlighten people with a rosier outlook on the world. He is down to earth, humble and an all-smiles introvert who loves meeting people, and never tires of companions. By simply being the best of himself with no fear of tomorrow, Lexi never fails to inspire many with his travel and life advice, with a generous sprinkle of astrology on the side, through his Instagram @amrazing. My hobby is cheap and yet I learn a lot from people-watching because observing others is how I get to learn about street smarts and build many characters in my story. Being street-smart complement­s booksmart, the latter often does not always go with reality, and helps me as I travel around the world adjusting to difference­s in culture and behaviours. I analyse people on a daily basis and relate it with astrology to find the red thread between similar attitudes. Life is so interestin­g and I do not want to forget its juicy bits, however, I easily forget things and that led me to write the details down—turns out writing is one of my loves! “Good things happen when we least expect it”. This quote rings true with one of my most memorable stories in life, which happened when I visited the Kinderdijk village in the Netherland­s. The sky was dark and gloomy as I stared in awe watching how the windmill works, and so I slowly took out my camera to frame the windmills lining up alongside autumnal trees, the trench on each sides and a bridge in the middle. Not aware that the photos taken had included a woman in a red coat, she approached me and asked to see them. I was at first hesitant and afraid that she would ask to delete those beautiful shots, however, the lady said she loved them and told me I have a good eye for art, which would lead me to a photograph­y exhibition in the near future. What I thought was just a joke from a kind stranger turned out to be a prediction came true as one year later, in 2016, I actually had such an exhibition, and it was a memory that I will never forget. I was once bullied, and life was a harsh reality for 10-year Alexander whose father had passed away and mother was staying in Hongkong to work. I lived with my uncle and we moved around Indonesia, which was not easy but I got to experience the unique cultures and local specialtie­s. It was hard for me to fit into a new community since my heart was filled with anger, anxiousnes­s, and mild depression because nobody understood me. My classmates physically and verbally bullied me until I realised that I could not wait for them to stop: I needed to stand on my feet and fight back, proving to them that I am not a loser and they should not treat me the way themselves would hate to be treated. Sick of crying every night and feeling lonely, that was when I started standing up for myself and growing to be who I am today.

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