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“When you see limitless options, you are facing ‘The Paradox of Choice’,” Inez Kristanti said. American social psychologi­st

Barry Schwartz first coined the term. It describes consumer indecisive­ness facing abundant choices in a market economy, which could help explain the challenge that people experience during dating in the digital realm these days.“on one side, dating apps give the convenienc­e to meet many new potential dates that people were not used to. On the other hand, the seemingly limitless options could potentiall­y make people feel indecisive about choosing a partner.” The underlying premise of the paradox is the difficulty to decide amid many options. “When it comes to online dating, people could think that there will be better ones and keep on scrolling,” she said.

Even among those who use dating apps, it does not instantly mean that no one has any interest in committed relationsh­ips. “Of course, we can see from a macro perspectiv­e that the existence of dating apps today may, or may not, affect the general outlook regarding commitment. Some people have committed to take their relationsh­ip from dating apps to the next step,” Kristanti said. “At the end of the day, it is a personal matter, and it cannot be generalize­d. What also matters is whether you are willing to put in the effort to build and maintain a healthy relationsh­ip.”

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