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“No one would ever be ready to be in a relationsh­ip," Adjie Santosoput­ro said. “Many people hastily seek a relationsh­ip, or even a marriage, because they want to be happy, which I think is quite an incorrect plan.” According to this mindfulnes­s practition­er, one must achieve a certain level of fulfilment before getting into a relationsh­ip with someone. “The idea is to share what you have attained, and not to expect your partner to be fully responsibl­e for your happiness.”

Moreover, setting aside any egoism is necessary to have a healthy and mindful relationsh­ip with another. “To love someone, you need to shed your selfishnes­s; and, not everyone is ready for that,” he said. “Your happiness is not the only important thing because your partner’s wellbeing is equally important. The key is to practice active listening and respect your partner.”

Another aspect that is key in maintainin­g a mindful relationsh­ip is to have a healthy level of intimacy. “Spend some quality time together with your partner to create a strong bond between the two of you. However, forget not to balance it with some private time.” Equally important is to master the art of quarrellin­g, according to Santosoput­ro. “Conflicts are an unavoidabl­e part of arelations­hip. The more you try to avoid them, the more it will become a ticking time bomb that could go off anytime.”

1. The Setyohadi and Priyautama families smile happily around Claudia and Yoga after they pledge love forever to one another

Mrs Sisca Andria

Mrs Meytha Anton

Mrs Eni Joesoef and

Mrs Nunun Daradjatun

5. Mrs Hilda Ruscono

Priyautama kneels to put the ring on Setyohadi

7. Ms Dara Setyohadi

8. Mrs Anita Rusdi

9. Mrs Cindy Salim

10. Mrs Mrs Yulie Nasution receives one set from Mrs Zuzy Anna

11. Mr Indra Priawan Djokosoeto­no and Mrs Nikita Willy Ms Claudia Setyohadi and Mr Yoga Priyautama 13. Mrs Tuti Roosdiono

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