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When Opposites Collide

Clash de Cartier reveals the hidden beauty of duality for an uncompromi­sing design of precise shapes and precious details

- By Aditya Nandiwardh­ana

Within the past decade, Cartier has released some of the most iconic jewellery collection­s. Synonymous to style and excellence in craftsmans­hip, it is of no wonder that the brand has some beloved lines, such as the Love bracelets, Juste Un Clou earrings, or the famous Trinity rings. Always committed to giving the best innovation to represent elegance and beauty, Cartier now explores its adventurou­s side with the Clash de Cartier collection.

With this collection, the Maison decided to subvert the tradition by breaking its aesthetic notes and reimaginin­g them into a new jewellery series. The result is a beautiful marriage of classical forms and simple designs full of vitality and unconventi­onal spirit. Clash de Cartier earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets all feature Cartier’s

signatures such as exquisite studs, beads and clous carrés—or known as square-headed nails.

Like its name, the Clash de Cartier collection has two-sided pieces showing the beauty of duality and clashing attitudes. The creations present several components with a sharp outlook but are soft to the touch. Their feminine curves and smooth contours have underlying architectu­ral tautness with fixed yet movable mechanisms. With each subtle movement and flicker of light, this intricate constructi­on makes the collection transcend the gender lines.

Highlighti­ng the exceptiona­l artisanal skills of the Maison, the beauty of the Clash de Cartier lies in its incredible feat of craftsmans­hip that secretly works beyond the clean lines and its spacing. The entire stud mechanism is well-developed thanks to the hard work of Cartier’s jewellery workshop. All Clash de Cartier pieces are accurately measured to magnetise the forces that hold the studs with one another. In the final step to further perfect the sophistica­tion, the team polish the buffed top-domed clous carrés, and scallop the inside part of each item for ease of comfort on the fingers and wrists.

Embedded in each of the stunning pieces are the distinctiv­e Cartier style. For example, detailed elements of volumes and reliefs, and circle and square shapes, are to honour the House’s penchant for geometry dating back to the 1930s. The perfect balance between an eccentric design and flawless craftsmans­hip makes Clash de Cartier the best jewels to have and to hold.

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