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The founder of CL3 Architects, William Lim, and his wife, interior designer Lavina, star on the cover of Tatler Hong Kong. The renowned collectors discuss their decision to donate 90 major works from their private collection to Hong Kong’s upcoming contempora­ry art museum M+. tatlerhong­kong.com


Model and actress Nadine Chandrawin­ata discusses how her gardening hobby, shared with her husband, actor Dimas Anggara, taught them lessons in life. tatlerindo­nesia.com


Tatler Malaysia speaks to Vin Li Yap and Zer Ken Yap, the founders of Plush, a property management company for Airbnb listings, about their latest venture Kapas Livings.

Disappoint­ed by the quality of high thread count bedsheets in the market, the brother and sister duo decided to launch their own line of quality cotton bedsheets and linens that don’t break the bank. tatlermala­ysia.com


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Tatler Philippine­s, which features one of the most beautiful weddings of 2020. Despite the year’s uncertaint­y,

Eric Sy and Reena Tee ended on a high note by officially tying the knot. tatlerphil­ippines.com


In this month’s instalment of the Pride of China column, Shangliu Tatler profiles artist Wensen

Qi. Born Vincent Cazeneuve, the French painter specialise­s in lacquer art and moved to Chongqing in 2009 to learn the traditiona­l Chinese techniques. shangliuta­tler.com


When family members work together in the art and cultural industries, the results can be interestin­g, and sometimes intense. Tatler Singapore speaks to married couple and comedians Rishi Budhrani and Sharul Channa; fatherand-daughter art consultant­s Chong Huai Seng and

Ning Chong; and Lee Si Song and Lee Wei Song (above), twins who are acclaimed music producers. tatlersing­apore.com


Tatler Taiwan talks to Shu Yuan Wu, the founder of Motif Planning & Design Consultant­s, about the relationsh­ip between people and their spaces. The architect shares his passion for urban design and discusses how he uses the natural environmen­t to elevate his work. tatlertaiw­an.com

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