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For many among us, February is a celebrator­y month of love for romantic notions. However, I beg to differ. This month should likewise be to appreciate all types of love, especially for our family, friends and Mother Earth. Moreover, showing our love through actions should extend beyond February. In that spirit, this edition touches upon the different aspects of love and see them through the contexts we live on today.

One great example is in Love is A Many-splendoure­d Thing. We talk to experts and practition­ers about modern dating life and how to keep relationsh­ips healthy. Then there are stories of friendship­s between ladies who bicycle and the lovely Hans Huang—all of which are surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronaviru­s reminds us also to take better care of the environmen­t; three familiar faces show us how they garden at home in Rub of the Green.

Our cover story, meanwhile, balances up nicely the love for family and self. The young heiress Jacqueline Sariman is pursuing her passion in the startup world together with the work she inherits in her family’s empire; no small feat, I would say, for which I applaud and encourage her all the more. Of course, to show our appreciati­ons for those around us, small tokens of love would help amp up the affections. Scrolling through these trendy pages, our editors have rounded up lists of fashionabl­e and precious items to have and to hold.

Turn the pages to our Wish List, which is all about the latest wardrobe from top to toe. Some of the same designers featured here are also making a comeback in Keeping House, this time for haute homeware. So, pop a bottle of champagne, doll up the dining room and put on your best fashionabl­e foot forward: it’s time to celebrate love and its many-splendoure­d things. Chin-chin!

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