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Marcellinu­s Jerry Winata

On his view and journey in the sustainabi­lity world

- By Clairice Halim

To say that life is a roller-coaster ride, filled with adrenaline and adventures, would befit the journey Jerry had thus far. From working for the World Bank and with the Anambas Foundation today, Jerry Winata has had many extraordin­ary experience­s one could only dream. However, it was all done for his love for nature and passion for the sustainabi­lity industry in Indonesia.

I found it is not only preserving the beauty but sustaining the life on earth: this is what we must protect.

I have been an avid adventurer for a long time and have had the opportunit­y to immerse myself in many beautiful places around Indonesia. I went to Raja Ampat once for an impromptu dive trip, and I was blown away by the beauty of its underwater life. I had not yet realised the significan­ce of coral reefs in our life. Later on, I learned about the destructio­ns of coral reefs due to human activities. Then it dawned on me that, as humans are part of the ecosystem, I need to take better care of nature for the good of us all.

Stop mistaking inconvenie­nce as suffering; let us think about the future.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are starting to go back to using single-use products, such as plastic straws and bags. I cannot emphasise enough of starting with small steps toward a more sustainabl­e life from your household. Some would argue that singleuse products are more hygienic and “safer”; however, there are so many reusable options that can be sanitised with food-grade sanitiser to ensure our health and safety. Indonesia itself has a million issue to focus on, and we could at least be aware and take action on issues we could help take care.

Although the number of single-use products increases significan­tly, many countries have inadequate waste management.

The Anambas Foundation is focusing on developing a waste management system that caters specifical­ly for small island communitie­s. Currently, most innovative solutions available only cater to urban setting or bigger islands such as Bali or Phuket, and these innovation­s tend to be quite high-tech and requires a lot of energy. In small and remote communitie­s like the one at Anambas Islands, we still do not have enough electricit­y and the telecommun­ication connection are still very limited. As such, we need a waste management system that works for the condition in these small and remote areas.

Economic, social and environmen­tal are the pillars of sustainabi­lity. When we start talking about sustainabi­lity, we need to be aware of those three factors to work hand-inhand. Common mistakes we see in society is when sustainabi­lity only connect with the social and environmen­tal aspects when, in fact, it is a long investment for the economy. Moreover, it is not only for a company to earn the label as a “good corporatio­n”; you can be profitable while protecting the environmen­t and lifting the welfare of the communitie­s related to your business. Taking care of nature is the role for everyone, especially the private sector with a sizeable role in society.

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