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Poppy Power

Actress and activist Poppy Delevingne is looking to the next phase in her career—while quarantini­ng in her living room

- By Annie Darling

Poppy Delevingne calls me from her home in

London. “How is everyone in Hong Kong?” she asks with heartfelt concern. “Oh! To think that there’s a world beyond the four walls of my living room. Just knowing that you’re there gives me butterflie­s.”

Delevingne has visited Hong Kong twice, but hasn’t travelled internatio­nally since last July, which is an unpreceden­ted stretch for the 35 year old, who comes from one of London’s most wellconnec­ted high-society families. Her maternal grandmothe­r served as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, while her mother, Pandora, was one of the glamorous trendsette­rs of the 1980s.

Delevingne, similarly, knows how to make a statement. She was a top model before younger sister Cara, 28, ever walked a runway, and has since become an outspoken advocate for causes near and dear to her heart. She’s appeared in films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle and King Arthur: Legend of The Sword, and her drive to impress as an actress means she’s spent much of lockdown attending virtual acting classes. “I’ve used this time to really hone my craft,” she tells me. “I’ve been devouring books and scripts, and have just been doing everything I can to keep my brain in check.”

This hasn’t, however, stopped her from bingewatch­ing Game of Thrones—“i’d become convinced

I was the Mother of Dragons by the end of London’s second lockdown”—and finding time for yoga sessions and learning how to bake, much to the delight of her aerospace tycoon husband of seven years, James Cook.

Delevingne hasn’t completely abandoned her party girl lifestyle though. She stars in Chopard’s latest high jewellery campaign, for which she wears the brand’s Precious Lace collection. The line features four designs: the floral Mini-froufrou, the oceanic Vague, the cloud-like Nuage and the heart-shaped

Coeur, all of which capture the traditiona­l patterns of lace, with their unfurling curls and scalloped edges.

As to her favourite, “I love the Coeur design,” she says in her velvety voice. “With the world in its current state, we could all do with some more love in our lives.” She recalls seeing photos of Julianne Moore wearing a pair of emerald- and diamond-set earrings from the jeweller’s Green Carpet collection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. “She looked wonderful with her beautiful auburn hair, which popped against the green of the emeralds. I’d just love to wear those earrings, although I don’t think I could pull them off in the same way Julianne did.”

Delevingne met Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, Caroline Scheufele, at a 2015 after party during the film festival, which she describes as a “pinch-me moment”. Robbie Williams performed a special concert for A-list guests, and the two women bonded over his music. “I was standing right at the front of the stage because I love him so much,” she laughs. “Caroline was also there, and we had an instant connection. She’s a remarkable woman.”

Chopard’s ongoing commitment to sustainabl­e watches and jewellery is evident in its use of Fairmined gold, while Delevingne has partnered with Save the Children for the past eight years. She’s just taken part in the charity’s Save With Stories project, for which she read bedtime stories to her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

The actress has also visited refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and, more recently, Jordan, where she met children suffering due to the conflict in Syria. She recalls a group of teenage girls who were aspiring vocalists. “They were incredible. They were only about 14 or 15 years old, and they were rapping to me about the war in Syria. They had this unbelievab­le drive and power, which was really inspiring.”

After speaking with Delevingne, my head is in a spin. I’m taken aback by how productive she’s been during a year of pitfalls. “Now that I’m talking to you, I realise that I have had a lot on,” she laughs. Oh, did I mention she and her two sisters also launched their own brand of prosecco last year? “Honestly, though, most days I feel like a Gruffalo that hasn’t been doing anything.” That may be, but there’s no doubting Delevingne’s putting us all to shame.

 ??  ?? Poppy Delevingne wears Nuage earring and ring in white gold set with diamonds by Chopard
Poppy Delevingne wears Nuage earring and ring in white gold set with diamonds by Chopard
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