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Hong Kong artist

Stephen Wong Chunhei captures the city’s dramatic mountains and coastlines in his landscape paintings, which are in demand among local and internatio­nal collectors, as well as museums—one of his pieces is now in the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

His next solo exhibition opens at Gallery

Exit this month. tatlerhong­kong.com


Working with the Anambas Foundation, Jerry Winata has a love for nature and passion for the sustainabi­lity industry in Indonesia, especially to empower the welfare of the communitie­s at the Anambas Islands. tatlerindo­nesia.com


Award-winning actor Bront Palarae talks to Tatler Malaysia about his showbiz journey and his new movie, Edge of the World, which chronicles the ascent of Sir James Brooke, the first white Rajah of Sarawak. tatlermala­ysia.com


Tatler Philippine­s speaks to yogi and investor Katrina Razon about her recent journey to the Maldives. This action-packed trip was especially meaningful because she participat­ed in a self-sustaining coral propagatio­n project in the Thaa Atoll. She also discusses how everyone can help to protect the environmen­t. tatlerphil­ippines.com


For this issue,

Tatler worked with Andrés Jaque, the chief curator of Bodies of Water, the central exhibition of the 13th Shanghai Biennial. As a guest editor, he worked on a feature about how artists are inspired by the natural world, climate and technology. shangliuta­tler.com


Jackson Aw found joy collecting toys as a child. Today, he runs a multimilli­on-dollar empire in Singapore, creating collectibl­es in collaborat­ion with artists and designers. As he launches a partnershi­p with German sports club Borussia Dortmund, he discusses his latest plans: to merge tangible collectibl­es with digital NFT technology. tatlersing­apore.com


Chef Kai Ho first opened his acclaimed restaurant Taïrroir in 2016. Recognised for its excellence in reinterpre­ting traditiona­l Taiwanese cuisine with modern cooking, Taïrroir earned its first Michelin star in 2019. After three consecutiv­e years in the Michelin Guide Taiwan, Ho and his team are preparing to launch a new menu. tatlertaiw­an.com

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