a tale of two rid­dles

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The other day, some­one sent me a list of rid­dles, which led to the re­al­iza­tion that I’m not very good at rid­dles. I fig­ure I need prac­tice, so I’ve been test­ing the pa­tience of those around me, think­ing up rid­dles of my own, some bet­ter than oth­ers. Here’s one: What do a pic­nic in Wales, a jas­mine blos­som in In­done­sia, and a prison visit in the Philip­pines have in com­mon? (As usual, the an­swer shouldn’t be pro­vided right away, so I’ll come back to this later.)

On to the topic of this is­sue—do you ever won­der what’s on God’s mind when He thinks about you? None of us is as kind, gen­er­ous, or lov­ing as we should be and want to be. The re­al­ity is that our self­ish­ness and ar­ro­gance of­ten cause us to fall short even of our own low stan­dards. It’d be easy to imag­ine God be­ing tired out with our never-end­ing shenani­gans. And yet, the an­swer to this rid­dle is the ex­act op­po­site: God’s Word prom­ises that “the Lord’s un­fail­ing love and mercy still con­tinue, fresh as the morn­ing, as sure as the sun­rise.”

1 God can­not get tired of us, be­cause He is love it­self. He loves the world He

2 made, and He loves each of us de­spite our mis­takes and short­com­ings. In fact, God loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Je­sus, to be­come one of us and to open the way for us to have eter­nal life if we sim­ply be­lieve and re­ceive Him.

3 In His min­istry, Je­sus trav­eled through Galilee and Judea, teach­ing God’s Word, heal­ing the sick, giv­ing sight to the blind, and even rais­ing the dead. In ev­ery way, He demon­strated God’s love for us and His de­sire to heal us spir­i­tu­ally as well as phys­i­cally, and He con­tin­ues to do so to­day. It is His na­ture to be kind and to give hap­pi­ness.

So what do the pic­nic, blos­som, and prison visit have in com­mon? The con­trib­u­tors to this is­sue of Ac­ti­vated have listed them as demon­stra­tions of God’s love they ex­pe­ri­enced in their lives. I hope you’ll enjoy read­ing how they came about.

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