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In the Bi­ble, the word re­pent comes from the Greek meta­noeo (New Tes­ta­ment), mean­ing to

turn around, or the He­brew word shuwb (Old Tes­ta­ment), mean­ing to re­turn or come

back. If you find your­self on the wrong path, when you turn around and start head­ing back in the right di­rec­tion, you are lit­er­ally re­pent­ing. When Je­sus said, “Re­pent, and be­lieve in the gospel,” 1 He wanted peo­ple to not only have faith, but also to change what they were do­ing or how they were liv­ing—be­lief plus ac­tion.— Chris Hunt Who errs and mends, to God him­self com­mends.— Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616) 1. Mark 1:15

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