Blind Spot vs. Sweet Spot

Liv­ing a pur­pose­ful life


That blind spot! I’m not talk­ing about the back of the retina where the op­tic nerve en­ters the eye­ball, that place lack­ing cones or rods that causes us to lose vi­sion at cer­tain an­gles. I am talk­ing about those un­guarded mo­ments when I miss some­thing right in front of me. The other day, our event com­pany cal­cu­lated that we’ve lost over $1,000 worth of equip­ment over the years due to leav­ing bags some­where we shouldn’t have. Then just the other day, while I was com­ing home from the gym, I for­got to zip up the side pocket of my back­pack where my phone was, and … you can guess what hap­pened.

I started to won­der why I just don’t get it. I imag­ine part of the so­lu­tion would be to sim­ply go slower, pray more, and re­mem­ber to dou­ble-check things. It prob­a­bly also has to do with liv­ing more in the mo­ment. Life is made up of a lot of in­di­vid­ual choices over the span of around 2.4 bil­lion sec­onds in a life­time of 78 years. Each of those de­ci­sions helps to de­ter­mine what hap­pens to us or for us. It’s a con­tin­ual chal­lenge to make the right choices, and we don’t ex­pect to suc­ceed all the time. In base­ball, if a bat­ter hits the ball suc­cess­fully over a third of the time, he is con­sid­ered good.

The sweet spot is a term used in base­ball for the best place on a bat to hit the ball, and also used gen­er­ally in sports and the ex­pres­sive arts for when some­one is per­form­ing at op­ti­mum lev­els. I’ve had that feel­ing some­times when play­ing squash, when my co­or­di­na­tion, alert­ness, and swing all work to­gether in per­fect har­mony and it seems noth­ing can go wrong.

How do we find that sweet spot in our lives where ev­ery­thing is hum­ming and oiled by God’s Spirit? One di­a­gram sug­gests we find it where our tal­ent, per­son­al­ity, and ex­pe­ri­ences meet our spir­i­tual gifts and our core val­ues.

1 The sweet spot is a great place to live. Though we may some­times “strike out” or miss the ball, we keep play­ing the game. Each time we come up to bat, we can pray, Help me to find the sweet spot and hit a home run!

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