Activated - - NEWS - By Jewel Roque

I was thrilled to be a new mother again. Allen was one of those happy, mel­low lit­tle guys. I would put him in his bouncer, and he would be happy to sit there, awake or asleep, while I rocked the bouncer with one foot and sat in my chair and worked on my lap­top. I had a desk job and worked part-time at home, so I was happy for the op­por­tu­nity to con­tinue my work. I took pride in be­ing able to mul­ti­task so well, and oth­ers com­mended me. Even when Allen grew older and was awake for longer spells, he still loved to be in his bouncer.

Then one day it seemed to rest closer to the ground. I thought Allen's older sis­ter, Jessica, who was a tod­dler at the time, might have sat in it and bent it. I tried to re­turn the heavy wire frame to its orig­i­nal shape, but it wouldn't com­ply. I asked my hus­band to look at it, and his con­clu­sion was that it would need to be re-welded. It would be eas­ier to get a new one.

Then came Allen's nap­time. I was used to bounc­ing him to sleep as I con­tin­ued my work, but now I had to rock him in my arms un­til he fell asleep. I first tried rock­ing him while I walked back and forth across the room, and then while I sat in a rock­ing chair. When he fi­nally went to sleep, I didn't want to put him in his crib for fear that he would wake up. So there I sat, feel­ing use­less. I thought about ev­ery­thing I needed to get done and got even more frus­trated.

Then a dif­fer­ent thought came to mind. Pray. I re­mem­bered read­ing a book once ti­tled Don’t Just Stand There, Pray Some­thing. So I did. I

1 prayed for my baby, for my hus­band's work, for my daugh­ter, for my re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, for friends and fam­ily mem­bers. By the time the baby woke up, I felt sur­pris­ingly re­freshed and up­beat. I ac­tu­ally felt as though I had ac­com­plished more than if I had been sit­ting at my com­puter typ­ing away. And I prob­a­bly had.

Jesus said that we “al­ways ought to pray.” Okay, so I'm not even close to

2 that level of prayer­ful­ness, but maybe if I spend my son's nap times up­hold­ing oth­ers in prayer, I might come closer to that ideal. Through this in­ter­rup­tion in my ac­com­plish­ment­driven rou­tine, God was able to get through to me about some­thing of much more last­ing value.

Jewel Roque lived in In­dia for 12 years as a mis­sion­ary. Now in Cal­i­for­nia, she works as a free­lance writer and edi­tor.

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