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I love it when you take time to com­mune with Me. There don't even have to be words, prayers, or praises in­volved. We can com­mune in the spirit if you turn your thoughts to­ward Me and let your mind and spirit dwell there.

We can be like two lovers who are happy at the thought of just be­ing in each other's pres­ence, no words pass­ing be­tween them. They hold each other and gaze into each other's eyes, and that is com­mu­ni­ca­tion enough. Their hearts get on the same wave­length. They don't need to com­mu­ni­cate ver­bally be­cause their close­ness lets them know what the other is think­ing. It can be the same with you and Me.

It takes peace and con­tent­ment of spirit to cre­ate this link with Me. As you start by prais­ing Me or think­ing about Me, turn­ing your heart to­ward Me and med­i­tat­ing on My good­ness to you, our spir­its will con­nect.

I want you to learn how to en­ter that state of full re­lax­ation of mind and body, your thoughts filled en­tirely with Me. I am al­ways avail­able to min­is­ter to your spirit, guide you in im­por­tant mat­ters, and give you solutions to your prob­lems.

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