A con­stant we can de­pend on

Activated - - FRONT PAGE - By David Brandt Berg, adapted

Change is one thing that drives us closer to God. “Change and de­cay in all around I see; O Thou who changest not, abide with me.”

1 All things change, but Je­sus never. He’s the only thing that re­mains con­stant.

One of the cir­cum­stances when this is most ev­i­dent is when we move to a new place or job or espe­cially a new coun­try. We be­come ac­cus­tomed to our homes, things, friends, or habits, and we tend to rely on or trust in those things. When busi­ness­peo­ple, teach­ers, or stu­dents go to for­eign coun­tries to work or study, some of them ex­pe­ri­ence cul­ture shock, be­cause they’ve been used to hav­ing the same thing all their lives—the same lan­guage, the same friends, the same place to live. All of a sud­den they can’t rely on those things any­more.

As Chris­tians, we have a head start on adapt­ing to changes be­cause we have an an­chor that holds us stead­fast and sure. We have a rock that is al­ways solid that we can al­ways trust. In some ways, our lives are much the same ev­ery day be­cause we trust God ev­ery day. Our Rock keeps us safe and se­cure all the time, no mat­ter what the waves are like.

No mat­ter what hap­pens or where we go or where we live or what the con­di­tions may be, God’s still there, and He’ll al­ways keep us, no mat­ter what. So we can have a won­der­ful feel­ing of se­cu­rity that peo­ple with­out faith may not ex­pe­ri­ence, no mat­ter how long they live in the same place and do the same things and go to the same school and have the same house and the same pets and the same friends. Their feel­ing of se­cu­rity can be in­ter­rupted at any mo­ment and fall apart when even one of those things on which they rely changes. Whereas “we who have fled to him for refuge can have great con­fi­dence as we hold to the hope that lies be­fore us. This hope is a strong and trust­wor­thy an­chor for our souls.”


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