Activated - - NEWS - By Joyce Sut­tin

I’d been go­ing through a few tough weeks, when I be­gan ques­tion­ing my faith. Not ques­tion­ing God, but ques­tion­ing how much faith I had to face dif­fi­cul­ties. I’d also been con­cerned about grow­ing older, be­rat­ing my­self for be­com­ing such a wimp, not able to keep up as I used to. So I grate­fully ac­cepted an in­vi­ta­tion from my daugh­ter Madi to go hik­ing in a place called En­chanted Rock.

De­spite an early wakeup, we didn’t quite ac­com­plish our goal of mak­ing it there be­fore sun­rise. How­ever, the morn­ing was misty, the tem­per­a­ture was still pleas­ant, and we felt re­freshed as we be­gan our climb over the stony hills. We snapped some fun photos. One showed my daugh­ter sit­ting in what looked like a huge hol­low of a hand made out of stone.

When we reached the sum­mit of the sec­ond hill, Madi said she was cu­ri­ous to see what was on the other side, off the beaten path. It was ex­cit­ing, even ex­hil­a­rat­ing, as we found our way, cut­ting through rock for­ma­tions and even squeez­ing through some nar­row pas­sages, look­ing for a way down to the val­ley that looked de­cep­tively close.

What hap­pened, hap­pened sud­denly! Madi reached a steep in­cline next to a rock wall. As she stepped onto it, she sped down­hill about ten feet on wet gran­ite that was as slip­pery as ice. I heard the im­pact as she hit a rock wall at the base. Thank­fully, she was able to hold out her arms and cush­ion the im­pact on the top half of her body, but her knee slammed into the wall, and although she kept say­ing “I’m OK! I’m OK!” I knew she wasn’t.

From where I stood at the top of the in­cline, I could see her knee turn­ing blue and swelling, and I knew I had to go down and check on her. I thought I could get down there care­fully, but as soon as I stepped on the slip­pery slide, my legs gave way and I fell on my hip, bang­ing my head in the process. Both of us ended up at the bot­tom of the in­cline with no way up or down.

We checked each other’s in­juries and then re­al­ized the only way out of our predica­ment was to the side, over some boul­ders. We prayed for Madi’s knee, and mirac­u­lously, the swelling stopped and the bruised area even seemed to shrink.

Then there I was, stand­ing in front of a shoul­der-high boul­der, know­ing I had to find a way to climb it. I found a crack to get a grip, and with my daugh­ter boost­ing me as much as she could, I was able to hoist my­self up, then reach back and

1. Colos­sians 1:27

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