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There’s an im­por­tant and eas­ily missed form of love that’s man­i­fested in the small mat­ters. For ex­am­ple, help­ing a per­son in need, pre­fer­ring them over our­selves, show­ing sym­pa­thy when some­one is stressed or wor­ried, of­fer­ing a prayer, or be­ing a lis­ten­ing and sym­pa­thetic ear.

When we choose to take the time to stop and help some­one in need, when we show love and con­cern for some­one hurt­ing, when we give of what we have, we be­come more lov­ing. We leave a le­gacy of love be­hind us as we pur­sue our path of life.

On the other hand, when we choose to fo­cus only on our own goals, re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, and con­cerns, ig­nor­ing the peo­ple around us, we be­come more self-cen­tered and iso­lated, and we can end up wandering aim­lessly about in our own uni­verse. In the end, we’re the sum to­tal of the choices we make on a daily ba­sis.

Each of us has op­por­tu­ni­ties to make choices based on love for oth­ers, on want­ing to help hu­mankind. Each day, we can do kind deeds. Putting our­selves in oth­ers’ shoes and tak­ing time to think about why peo­ple do what they do is a lot more ful­fill­ing than crit­i­cism, and it breeds sym­pa­thy, tol­er­ance, and kind­ness. As a wise man once said, “God Him­self doesn’t pro­pose to judge man un­til the end of his days. So why should you and I?”

There are many ways of show­ing love, and it will be up to each of us to take the time to re­flect on how we can per­son­ally show more love. We may want to get a note­book or jour­nal and ask our­selves a few ques­tions, such as:

How much love and self-sacrifice do I show on a daily ba­sis? Do I stop and show love to those who need it?

If God asked me to make a sacrifice, big or small, out of pure love and un­selfish­ness, and I knew there would be lit­tle or no re­turn, would I do it?

When I don’t feel like step­ping out, when I feel the other per­son should be the one reach­ing out to me, am I still will­ing to take the first step?

Am I will­ing to lis­ten to oth­ers and show con­cern for their thoughts, ideas, and pref­er­ences?

How can I reach out more to oth­ers and add mean­ing to their lives? This ar­ti­cle was adapted from the Roadmap series of Chris­tian lead­er­ship ar­ti­cles.

Sweeter than the per­fume of roses is a rep­u­ta­tion for a kind, char­i­ta­ble, un­selfish na­ture; a ready dis­po­si­tion to do to oth­ers any good turn in your power.— Ori­son Swett Mar­den (1850–1924)

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