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I can’t re­mem­ber ever com­ing across this verse un­til the other day. At least, it never stood out to me the way it did this time. That could be be­cause the book of the prophet Zepha­niah is one of the lesser-known zip codes in the Bi­ble: “The Lord your God wins vic­tory af­ter vic­tory and is al­ways with you. He cel­e­brates and sings be­cause of you, and he will re­fresh your life with his love.”

1 The great God of the uni­verse loves me so much and is so happy to have me in His life that He can’t help but throw a party and break into singing to let it be known! It’s a fun and en­cour­ag­ing pic­ture, es­pe­cially if you’ve ever strug­gled with feel­ing dis­tant from God.

Je­sus said that the great­est com­mand­ment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” But it’s

2 hard to love some­one you don’t know, and I re­al­ize that I don’t know Je­sus any­where near as well as I would like.

Each of us has fam­ily and friends—peo­ple that we know well. Then there are peo­ple we spend time with and know—not nec­es­sar­ily by choice, but be­cause they’re our co­work­ers, school­mates, etc. Then there are peo­ple we sort of know, whom we meet by chance or oc­ca­sion­ally bump into and have to strug­gle to re­mem­ber their names. There are also peo­ple we’ll prob­a­bly never meet but whom we read about or fol­low on so­cial me­dia. The ques­tion is, where does Je­sus fit into this spec­trum?

Of course, God’s na­ture is so vast and com­plex that no hu­man be­ing can ever fully know Him. But life is about con­tin­u­ally seek­ing Him, learn­ing

3 more about Him, and en­joy­ing His fel­low­ship. As Paul wrote, “Noth­ing is as won­der­ful as know­ing Christ Je­sus my Lord.”

4 Let’s get to know Je­sus. Sa­muel Keat­ing Ex­ec­u­tive Edi­tor

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