Activated - - NEWS - By Marie Alvero Marie Alvero is a for­mer mis­sion­ary to Africa and Mex­ico. She cur­rently lives a happy, busy life with her hus­band and children in Cen­tral Texas, USA.

I love work­ing out, and I also love food! Cook­ing a great meal makes me in­cred­i­bly ful­filled and happy, and I’ve of­ten read cook­books like they were nov­els. So, know­ing how pas­sion­ate I am about food and fit­ness, and see­ing all the work­out videos and amaz­ing recipes I share on so­cial me­dia, you might imag­ine me to be a su­per fit gal who eats only the finest foods.

Some­one made a com­ment to that ef­fect on my Face­book page the other day. It got me think­ing how some of the things I re­ally am pas­sion­ate about are not­with­stand­ing ac­tu­ally quite poorly rep­re­sented in my real life. Truth be told, I’m lucky to work out for 20 min­utes four times a week, and I cook some­thing won­der­ful maybe once a week.

I won­der if other things I love are just as poorly rep­re­sented in my life. For ex­am­ple, if you look at my life, could you tell that I’m pas­sion­ate about Je­sus? Does that show? Do I know Him in a way that re­flects in my life in an ob­vi­ous way?

I want my re­la­tion­ship with Je­sus to be a re­sound­ing fea­ture of my life, not just another bi­o­graph­i­cal tid­bit. I don’t have loads of time ev­ery day to read God’s Word, pray, and wor­ship. But I do have a lit­tle, and I want it to count.

That’s my take­away: make it count! If I only have 20 min­utes to work out, I will push my­self as hard as I can. On the days that I can cook and cre­ate, I’ll put all my skill and fo­cus into it. And in the time I set aside to grow­ing in my re­la­tion­ship with Je­sus, I’ll be sure to put all my heart into it. I’ll treat His Word as the trea­sure it is. I’ll pur­sue His truth.

My pas­sions might not be my day job, but they’ll be a big part of what gives my life def­i­ni­tion and pur­pose.

I have one life and one chance to make it count for some­thing. My faith de­mands that I do what­ever I can, wher­ever I am, when­ever I can, for as long as I can with what­ever I have to try to make a dif­fer­ence. —Jimmy Carter (b. 1924)

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