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When you en­ter a well-used kitchen that be­longs to some­one who loves to cook their own meals, and is good at it, you won’t find shelves full of shiny, flaw­less pots and pans on dis­play. In­stead, the pots and pans have blem­ishes. They have grease stains or nicks or dents. Do these flaws stop these items from be­ing use­ful? No.

Ask any chef what his fa­vorite pots and pans are. They’ll likely be the ones that serve him well, that are tried and proven. They’ll of­ten be the well-used ones, and they’ll have the marks to show it.

Thank Me for the chal­lenges in your life. Trust Me to be there with you, right where you are, and I will show you the next step to take. Trust Me to bring you through try­ing times as a wiser, stronger, bet­ter per­son, whose life brings good fruit for you, for oth­ers, and for My king­dom. In­stead of lament­ing your mis­takes or wast­ing time wish­ing you’d made dif­fer­ent choices, ask Me to put you to use right where you are.

You can be one of those faith­ful, use­ful, trusty pots and pans that are so handy and valuable to Me, your mas­ter chef.

To­gether we can do won­der­ful things!

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