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The power to for­give is part of the na­ture and essence of God, and when you ex­er­cise it, you rise above the lim­i­ta­tions of your hu­man na­ture. Choos­ing to for­give an­other is one of the hard­est things most peo­ple ever do, es­pe­cially if it’s un­de­served. Hu­man na­ture cries out for re­venge and retri­bu­tion, or at least com­pen­sa­tion. But I came to bring for­give­ness and sal­va­tion from sin. As you take on My na­ture, one of its traits is a readi­ness to for­give oth­ers. Whether the per­son who wronged you de­serves for­give­ness is not the cen­tral is­sue. The cen­tral is­sue is you do­ing the right thing in ex­tend­ing the same mercy and for­give­ness I ex­tend to you. For­give oth­ers who have wronged you, even as your heav­enly Fa­ther for­gives you.

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