Activated - - NEWS - By Joyce Sut­tin Joyce Sut­tin is a re­tired teacher and writer and lives in San An­to­nio, USA.

One or two things go­ing wrong in my week aren’t the end of the world. I can han­dle a few bad things. I know that every week has its al­lot­ment of is­sues, and I’m used to deal­ing with that. I can gen­er­ally stay quite cheer­ful and look on the bright side.

But last week was an ex­cep­tion. It seemed like some­thing went wrong every day. I’m not talk­ing about lit­tle nui­sances, but some pretty big things. Every day held a sur­prise, and they weren’t happy ones.

We had a cou­ple of ac­ci­dents— not ma­jor ones, thank God, but the kind that are has­sles and re­sult in ex­tra ex­penses. We had some health is­sues, ex­tra doc­tor’s ap­point­ments and con­cerns. We wor­ried, as storm af­ter storm lashed dif­fer­ent parts of the world where we have friends and loved ones.

Every day, some­thing new came up. It made me won­der if God was go­ing to get tired of me calling out to Him yet again about some new chal­lenge. Does He run out of sym­pa­thy af­ter a while and de­cide not to an­swer the phone when He sees it’s me, yet again, on caller ID?

What I re­al­ized from this dif­fi­cult week of calling out to God is that He hears. He never gets tired of lis­ten­ing. He never stops pick­ing up the phone when I call. He’s al­ways there to lis­ten, to of­fer ad­vice and di­rec­tion. He’s there to calm my heart rate and pick me up when I don’t feel like mov­ing forward. He’s there to com­fort me and re­store the joy of the Lord. And He works things out.

If I had any doubt about God’s care and pro­tec­tion, I saw it in per­son last week. I saw His hand move and heal us when we needed heal­ing. I saw Him pro­tect us when scary things hap­pened. I saw Him take care of loved ones and help them through po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions. I saw Him work a few quiet mir­a­cles. I saw Him stop and lis­ten every time I called out to Him, and an­swer every time I cried.

The re­sult of my very bad week is that I’m re­minded that with God’s help I can han­dle any­thing that comes my way. At the end of the week, my faith is se­cure, and I’m con­fi­dent that what­ever prob­lems or chal­lenges I face, He will work them out. There may be storms or ac­ci­dents or mis­takes or prob­lems, but ul­ti­mately, I can trust God to help me through. And with Him, I can look forward to next week and what­ever it brings.

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