Activated - - NEWS - Marie Alvero is a for­mer mis­sion­ary to Africa and Mexico. She cur­rently lives a happy, busy life with her hus­band and chil­dren in Cen­tral Texas, USA. By Marie Alvero

Chris­tians of­ten say things like “You need to have faith,” or “Faith means know­ing that God will do it,” or “Trust­ing means you’re not afraid” or other such phrases that at­tempt to sum­ma­rize and de­fine faith. Be­tween us, I can’t re­late to any of these state­ments.

Re­cently, over a cup of cof­fee, a dear friend shared with me her ad­mi­ra­tion for my faith, and how she was strug­gling with trust­ing God over cer­tain sit­u­a­tions in her life. I had to tell her that every ques­tion and doubt she voiced had been mine.

I’ve of­ten ag­o­nized over ques­tions like “How do I know that I have faith?” or “How can I say I’m trust­ing when I’m ac­tu­ally scared to death?” Like the fa­ther of a boy Je­sus healed said, “I do be­lieve, but help me over­come my un­be­lief!” I want

1 to trust, but I don’t al­ways know what that looks like.

Trust­ing God through fail­ing ca­reers, financial loss, los­ing friends, transcon­ti­nen­tal moves, a mis­car­riage, and all the ev­ery­day chal­lenges of life isn’t my first na­ture. I’ve wres­tled with a lot of doubt and re­sis­tance in my heart, say­ing to God I know You’re good, but are You good to me? Do You want what’s good for me?

This is an on­go­ing jour­ney, but at least it’s a jour­ney. I don’t need faith for the rest of my life and trust for every and any pos­si­ble events. I only need to trust minute by minute. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not have it all fig­ured out, or to feel in­ad­e­quate in my faith. God meets me ex­actly there.

What I shared with my friend was that I’ve never re­gret­ted trust­ing God. Even when I’ve been pretty shaky in my faith, He’s still been faith­ful. And be­cause God is faith­ful, He can be trusted fully to com­pletely carry out His com­mit­ments to us in Christ.

Have you been plagued with fear, and are you long­ing for peace? Je­sus is the Prince of Peace. He gave His life so you and I can have His peace. All we have to do is to ac­cept Him by say­ing this sim­ple prayer:

Je­sus, please come into my heart and give me Your peace, hope, and love. Amen.

1. Mark 9:24 NLT

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